Zwilling Ceramic Nonstick Skillet Review 2022

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You’ve probably owned a few nonstick pans in your day, and if you’ve bought them from one pyramid scheme multi-level marketing operation masquerading as a “neighborhood cookout party,” or the Southern gentleman on a late-night infomercial finally convinced you to hit “Add to Cart,” there’s one thing, nonstick- Pans have one thing in common: They are really, really practical. You may also have seen the marriage stone once or twice, where someone slides a fried egg around on a nonstick pan to show off its… nonstick-ness. While it’s great for commercials, I don’t find myself doing the fried-egg dance routine in real life very often. What I do find myself doing the usual, though, is to reach for my tried and true 12″ ceramic nonstick pan from Zwilling.

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Right off the bat, the color is fantastic. There is something about pastel blue colors in the kitchen that makes your space feel clean and calm. And if you’re like me and hate doing dishes, a solid nonstick pan – especially this one from Zwilling, which 20 percent discount right now – is the piece of cookware you’ve been longing for. Since the nonstick coating (actually) works, all that’s left to do after cooking is to rinse the pan with soap and water and wipe it dry. Aka, no more scraping off stuck-on bits and trying to peel off a layer of scrambled eggs while your coworkers wonder when you’re going to log into the Zoom meeting.

A common misconception about nonstick pans is that you can’t get good browning with them—that you have to use cast iron or stainless steel to achieve the ideal level of crust on proteins. My Zwilling has proven that idea wrong. I get great browning and perfect browning on a lot of different types of meat and vegetables and have no problem deglazing the pan afterwards (using rubber utensils, of course!). I also make breakfast every day in this single pan. I just throw in some bacon, boil it down, collect the grease in a mason jar (do it please, bacon grease is gold), wipe the pan with a paper towel, throw in some eggs while the bacon drains, and voila. No mess and no fuss – all I have to worry about is the email I get from my doctor when he reads that I’ve been eating bacon every day.

The construction is also something to write home about. With a thick aluminum core, this pan heats up quickly and particularly evenly, and the extended rim makes it easy to pour sauces or liquids (or bacon grease!). Plus – while the looped handle almost never gets too hot to hold when you’re cooking on the stove – the design makes it super easy to grip, even when you’re wearing oven mitts. Oh yes, this suction cup is also oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and the glass lid is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The other thing I love about this pan? It’s built to last – and although it’s technically dishwasher safe, I wash mine by hand, as the nonstick coating makes cleanup super easy and quick. “I’ve had a set of this cookware for three years now and have had no problems with it,” writes one reviewer. “It looks and works exactly as it did when it was new.” Same thing, dude.

If you’re looking for a new piece of MVP-level cookware that you can grab, grab this spacious 12″ ceramic nonstick pan from Zwilling – you won’t be disappointed.

Buy: 12″ Zwilling Spirit Stainless Ceramic Skillet, $94.99 (regularly $119)

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