You can rent a lovely cottage on The Queen’s Sandringham Estate

Looking for a rental fit for a queen? Here is the perfect place.

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ONE cottage on the Sandringham Estatethe 20,000-acre private residence of the late Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, is available for rent at Norfolk Hideaways.

Although the Queen may not have lived in the tenement, it is the closest property on the estate to Sandringham House (where she actually lived) and was previously her head gardener’s home. Additionally, this is not the first time that a property adjacent to Queen Elizabeth II’s residence has been available for a royal rental experience.

The cottage, called the Garden House, has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, a sitting room with an open fire and a breakfast room with views over the surrounding countryside. Meanwhile, the interior design is quite unique, as all the furniture and pictures are all taken from the Royal Collection.

As you would expect from a property called Havehuset, it has lots of greenery, with a walled garden, as well as an informal one where your dogs can run around and play. The listing describes the place as “an appreciation of the great outdoors,” with the gardens being “a sheer delight and providing an excellent setting for this idyllic house.”

Nearby there are plenty of attractions such as the 200 hectare Country Park, the Sandringham Exhibition & Transport Museum and the historic St. Mary Magdalene Church. Just a short drive away are Norfolk’s beaches, poppy meadows and English villages with pubs and duck ponds. Guests are also encouraged to have a sip at the Sandringham Café & Coffee Shop and sample their local menu.

If you’re a traveler looking to get the royal treatment, a stay at the Garden House costs £354 (about $409) per night. You can learn more about the rental at Norfolk Hideaways.

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