Yamazaki Handbag Organizer Review 2022

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If you’ve spent any time on TikTok lately, you know investment bags are having a moment (at least according to my algorithm). There are plenty of videos out there that explain the benefits (and let’s be honest, privileges) of investing in high-end designer handbags that appreciate greatly over time. And while I rarely dress nice enough to warrant such an expensive purse purchase, I can certainly see the benefit of this type of investment if fashion is what makes your heart flutter.

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An object that is a shall if you plan to pay the big bucks for a Hermes or Celine? A closet organizer that keeps your bags tidy and in tip-top shape. Your collection is only as valuable as it is pristine, so it’s important to invest in a storage solution that helps your designer pieces keep their shape (and stay off your laundry chair or—gasp—the floor).

When it comes to streamlined storage solutions of all types for all rooms, there is no brand that does it better than Yamazaki. From sleek towel racks to perhaps the most stylish toilet paper storage we’ve ever seen, the minimalist Japanese brand consistently impresses us with its simple yet effective storage solutions. And well, they’re at it again—this time with a custom handbag organizer that looks like something straight out of a high-end boutique.

Designed with bags of all shapes and sizes in mind, Yamazaki’s Smart Handbag Organizer promises to keep your beloved bags, purses and clutches “upright, cheerful and pristine” no matter what the rest of your closet looks like. It’s just over 24″ long and boasts adjustable compartments for up to seven bags. The dividers themselves are over 8″ tall, which will help your less structured pieces stay upright and hold styles with abrasive details (like zippers or studs). from destroying nearby designs.

Reviewers love this organizer, highlighting its flexible design and simple approach to a common problem. “This product was exactly what I needed for a cluttered closet top shelf,” says one happy buyer. “I have always wanted to organize my bags, but all efforts fail as all the bags inevitably get smashed and piled on top of each other. These dividers make the top shelf look and feel so much nicer and more organized, and it’s super convenient to be able to place the dividers exactly where you need them, unlike some similar products that have a fixed width.” Another buyer says: “This is a wonderful tool to keep all my handbags separate and in good order. It also helps so I can grab one without all the others falling over! Highly recommend and love that it can be adapted.”

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