Wild Wonder named Dulux Color of the Year 2023

Paint brand Dulux has revealed Wild Wonder, a pale yellow paint color it described as “a soft gold with hints of green” as its 2023 color of the year.

Wild Wonder was chosen for its close association with nature. The brand said this echoes the global shift towards sustainability, reconnecting with the outdoors and wanting to be more grounded, especially after the recent period of uncertainty.

Wild Wonder is a golden green paint color

“Our relationship with the natural world feels more precious and precarious than ever,” said Dulux UK.

“Wild Wonder is a soft gold with hints of green inspired by fresh seed pods and harvest grains,” added the brand.

A pink and yellow wall in a cafe
The color was chosen for its association with nature

In addition to its association with nature and raw materials, Wild Wonder is also intended to capture the collective quest for better mental health, which has become increasingly important in light of global events such as the climate crisis and coronavirus lockdowns.

“As people search for support, connection, inspiration and balance in today’s world, they delve into the wonders of nature to find it,” the brand said.

“Wild Wonder is a positive, natural tone that, by connecting us with the natural world, can help us feel better in our homes,” it continued.

“In addition to understanding the value of nature more acutely, with climate change becoming a reality for us all, we also feel the urgency to reconnect with nature and the necessity to work with rather than against it. “

According to the brand, the color can be used to add color to areas in the house, such as living rooms that require heat and light. The brand also said the shade is suitable for commercial spaces across all sectors, including schools and hospitals.

“Wild Wonder and four complementary, versatile color palettes can be used to create stunning spaces across all sectors,” explained Dulux.

This year's Wild Wonder Color of the Year by Dulux
The paint color is suitable for all business sectors as well as residential interiors

Dulux’s parent company AkzoNobel decided on the shade, which is the 20th color to be chosen as the Dulux Color of the Year, after a three-day workshop with a panel of industry experts from around the globe and months of research with the paint company.

Wild Wonder is a slightly more upbeat shade than Brave Ground, an earthy beige that Dulux chose as its color of the year for 2021 against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

The color is a marked change from last year’s sky blue Bright Skies, which the brand said captured collective desires for a fresh start.

The images are courtesy of Dulux.

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