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Whether you are a family moving into a new house or a business moving into a new office, there may be a few changes you’d like to make to the premises that at first may seem possible. Still, with the help of an architect, it may become increasingly clear that it is much more complicated than first thought. 

What to look for when hiring

Looking into hiring an architect can be a great way to ensure that any changes you plan on making to an existing building or a new build are possible. 

When you hire an architect, like with most other trades/businesses, you will need to do the necessary research to hire someone who is well-known within the industry and has good feedback from previous customers. This might mean paying more than what you would like and not going for the cheapest option, which should only impact you financially. 

Suppose you go for the cheapest option or those that don’t have the best reviews. In that case, you are only increasing the chance of errors occurring, which could lead to a professional negligence claim from yourself to try and reimburse the lost time and money, which only delays things further.

Are you changing the structure?

If you’re planning on changing the general structure of an existing building or planning on building your own, though it’s not a legal requirement to employ an architect to help, they would be accommodating as they will be able to advise on what is and isn’t possible.

Some things that you think may only require a little bit of tinkering need a significant amount of work, which in the end may not be worth the time investment and money. Consider what changes you would like, and it’s always worth getting an opinion from a professional who has done similar structure/design changes previously!

Architects can help with the management.

An architect can be a great option if you would like assistance with general build management. Not only can they help with any structural questions or issues, but they can also help with the general direction of a project, especially for those who are maybe inexperienced in this area. 

Suppose this is the first time doing something like this. In that case, you may want to consider this as they will have done similar builds/structural changes plenty of times and know of tradespeople to recommend and the timeframe of completions potentially.

Architects are only there to help you and if it is something that you would like on your current or next project, then make sure you look for a reputable one! 

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