What paint to use on stairs steps?

Semi-gloss or satin paints are usually preferred for risers, but they can be hazardous when applied on stair treads. 

Can you paint stair steps?

If the stairs are very old and have many layers of paint on, you might want to strip them back first. This can be done using paint stripper, a heat gun or sanding.

What paint is best for wooden stairs?

The matt or eggshell finish would work well for the staircase. Hard-wearing and easy clean finishes would stand the test of time in this area. 

Is there a special paint for stairs?

The most used paint for stairs is latex and acrylic. It is easy to clean. There are many advantages to using latex paint.

Do you need to prime stairs before painting?

You need a hard-wearing paint for your stairs as they can be a high traffic area. A primer will give a stable base for your topcoat.

How do you clean stairs before painting?

If you want to finish first brush or vacuum the stairs. Use warm water, a mild cleaning detergent, and a clean cloth to get rid of any debris and dust. 

What paints are used on wood?

Oil-based and latex wood paint finishes are available. The latex paint is perfect for furniture and interior wooden surfaces. Before applying wood paint finishes, the wooden surface needs to be primered.

Do stair treads need to match floor?

The stairs don’t need to match the flooring. It all depends on what the homeowner wants.

Should stair risers be painted white?

It’s normal to paint stair risers bright, glossy white while the stair tread gets a coat of protective stain.

What is best paint for stair railing?

Since handrails are a high traffic area, I recommend a hard enamel-type paint in a semi-gloss finish. It can be harder to clean flat paints.