What Is the Best Type of Fencing for Windy Areas?

If you live in particularly windy region, you know how important it is to be more cautious of the exterior design choices you make.

Board-on-Board Fence

This type of fence is not only sturdier than your average wooden fence, but it can also help you achieve more privacy on your property.

Vinyl Fence

Not everyone is a fan of a vinyl fence as it tends to offer traditional, feminine flair. However, it’s definitely a wind-friendly option.

Dog Ear Fence

they don’t usually have gaps between their panels, some small gaps can be added, which will allow wind to pass through and reduce the amount of pressure placed on the fence.

Chain Link Fence

Don’t offer the level of privacy that most homeowners would like. However, you can expect them to hold up well in windy weather and to require very little maintenance. 

Living in a windy area makes things a bit more complicated. Even something as simple as having a fence installed can be a bit chaotic when you live somewhere windy. 

However, when you pick the right type of fencing, you can be more confident that the wind won’t be an issue for your fence.