What goes on Christmas tree first

1: Hang the lights on your Christmas tree. Adding the lights is the first step in decorating a Christmas tree.

What order should things go on the Christmas tree?

hang the large ornaments first, followed by the medium ornaments and then the smaller ornaments.

What goes on first when decorating a Christmas tree?

The first step in decorating a Christmas tree is adding lights. Black tree lights are perfect if you have a black Christmas tree, as they come on green or white wire strands. 

What goes on a Christmas tree first lights or tinsel?

Start stringing tree lights from the bottom. Wrap tinsel around the tree. 

What goes on first lights or ornaments?

Before ornaments, tree toppers or anything else, the lights on the tree should be on. Before you put them on the tree, plug them in and leave them lit.

How do I arrange my Christmas tree ornaments?

Ornaments should hang freely, not resting on branches, to create a balanced look. The selection of Christmas ornaments is another thing to consider.

How many ornaments do you need for a 6 foot tree?

We recommend using 10 standard size ornaments per foot for trees under 9 feet. If your tree is taller than 9 feet, we recommend 20 ornaments per foot.

Does the Garland go on the tree first?

First, put your lights on the tree. This should be done before the addition of ornaments. Make sure you have enough to go around. Garlands can be anything!

How many ornaments should be on a Christmas tree?

How much do I need? Light coverage of the tree is 70 pieces, 7.5 feet, 105 pieces, 140 pieces, and 175 pieces.

How many Christmas lights do I need?

The rule of thumb is to use 100 lights for each foot of the tree. You don’t need much more if you like a brighter tree.