How to scarify a lawn?

Everything you need to know about scarifying a lawn is covered in our tutorial. Nothing about it is even somewhat threatening, we guarantee.

1. Cut the grass

The first step is always to cut the grass with your lawn mower. You have to do this gradually.

2. Get rid of weeds

Next, get down to thorough weeding, removing any larger weeds first. ‘Unless there are weeds on your lawn, pull them out by hand rather than using a weedkiller. 

3. Use a hand scarifier or rake to scarify

Remember that the scarification process should be done on dry grass.

4. Soak the lawn overnight

This step is important because scarification is typically done before reseeding, and lawn seed takes better to well-hydrated turf. 

When is the best time to scarify a lawn?

The autumn is by far the finest season for scarification of your grass because success depends on quick recuperation.

Should you scarify a lawn that’s wet or dry?

Water your grass a few days before scarification, and stay away from scarifying a moist lawn.

Scarifying a lawn is an easy job, but you must do it annually to keep your lawn in good health. Something to put in your gardening calendar right now.