How can I charge my phone faster?

We’ll get into the ways everyone can charge their phone faster in a moment, but first a quick explanation of why phones charge at different speeds.

Use a wall outlet and the fastest charger your phone supports

Your outlet is almost always faster than using a USB outlet on your desktop or laptop.

Don’t go wireless

Wireless charging is more convenient than using a wired charger, but it’s almost always slower. 

Stop using your phone while charging it

It may sound obvious, but if you really want to charge your phone as quickly as possible, you should put it down.

Keep it cool

If you’re trying to charge your phone on a hot day, it’s worth moving it to a cooler room to charge.

Reduce your dependency on home charging

The obvious way to do this is to buy a portable charger. Just charge it, put it in your bag and it will always be there

Alternatively, if your phone used to have a great battery and now it doesn’t, it may just need to be replaced. Unfortunately, most phones today don’t have user-replaceable batteries.