8 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Insects from Your Kitchen

For those instances, we have eight hassle-free solutions that can help you keep the kitchen hygienic year round.

Neem for 200 Insect Species

Mix a few drops of neem oil with plain water or soapy water and spray the solution in the corners of your kitchen. Make sure not to miss any spot. 

Peppermint to Kill Insects and Spiders

Mx it with water and spray around windows, doors, and vents. You’ll see a significant reduction in incoming insects. 

Coffee Grounds for Stubborn Pests

Place leftovers of fresh coffee grounds in tricky spots around the kitchen through which you suspect the pests are coming in.

Apple Cider Vinegar to Drive Moths and Drain Flies Away

Fill a bottle with the vinegar, cover it with a plastic wrap, and poke some holes in the plastic cover with a safety pin or toothpick. 

Lavender for Fleas

You can make a solution with lavender oil and water to sprinkle around the kitchen. Or place sachets of dried lavender in the kitchen shelves to keep insects away. 

Onion + Baking Soda for Cockroaches

One of the best ways to achieve this is with onions and baking soda. Chop up an onion and add a tablespoon of baking soda. Then, place this mixture in the corners of your kitchen.

Cinnamon to Kill Ants

Ants are said to hate the smell of cinnamon. Use this to your advantage by placing cinnamon powder in cracks and corners that ants might emerge from. Y

Cloves and Bay Leaves to Repel Weevils

The easiest way to protect your grains from these insects is to place a couple of bay leaves or few cloves inside the containers. 

Simple and cheap kitchen ingredients work well to protect the space from insects and bugs, like we listed above. Check out ZOEDECOR for more such tips to maintain a beautiful home.

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