7 playroom mistakes to avoid and what to do instead

Having a dedicated space for kids is a wonderful thing but do keep these playroom mistakes to avoid in mind. 

Locating the playroom too far from the main living spaces

A playroom should be in an area of the home where children are comfortable playing independently

Hiding everything away from sight

A playroom is essentially a space where the child can let loose and have fun. This is where he/she discovers games that interest them and even pick up hobbies.

Storing all the heavy items and toys on the top shelves

Another mistake parents make is moving all the heavy items in the playroom to the top level

Placing floor lamps

When lighting a playroom, there are a few important considerations to bear in mind particularly for those looking to make a safe and happy environment for children to play.

Having windows without shutters or blinds

In many climates, the afternoon summer light can be harsh and even cause more harm than good.

Designing a room that does not grow with the child 

Another mistake parents make is designing a playroom that will not easily adapt to the ever-changing needs of growing children

Bringing in sharp, designer furniture pieces

Stay clear of pieces that have sharp edges, are overly formal or hard to clean,

Choosing a bright, intense color palette 

In general, very intense or bright colors should be avoided but fun and engaging encouraging colors are blue, green and yellow are encouraged

What makes a good playroom?

For an ideal playroom design, it’s essential to take your child’s wishes into consideration. After all, this room will be used by him/her the most.