products you should never use around pets

Many common household sprays contain chemicals that are dangerous to animals, so pet owners should always read the labels of their cleaning supplies.

1. Ammonia

t is highly toxic to pets and can cause severe irritation to their skin and eyes, as well as a burning sensation in the nose, throat and stomach if they lick it.

2. Bleach

Bleach is most likely to irritate dogs’ sensitive noses and can even cause respiratory problems such as asthma. If ingested, bleach is toxic to dogs and cats due to its chlorine content.

3. Phthalates 

 They can be dangerous if inhaled or used around pets, so again, be sure to keep animals out of the room if using a product containing phthalates.

4. Benzalkonium

Many disinfectants contain benzalkonium chloride, so be careful with this product. This chemical can cause surface irritation on paws, eyes and nose if it comes into contact with it. 

5. Essential Oils

According to veterinary experts, dogs can tolerate natural oils better than cats, but this is only limited to certain scents. 

6. Nonylphenol Ethoxylate

Is a chemical commonly found in laundry detergents. This is something that can cause tremendous skin irritation in pets, giving them uncomfortable rashes, spots and flaky skin

Avoiding harsh cleaners doesn’t mean you can’t sanitize your space. Vinegar can be used to clean most surfaces, and you can choose between vinegar or ACV.

Pet Friendly Cleaning Products