10 places most people forget to dust before an open house

If you only have one day to see as many sights as you can, we’ve compiled a list of walkable must-see destinations.

Ceiling fans 

Most ceilings have rough surfaces that easily collect dust and cobwebs, yet most people don't give this region any care when cleaning.


Dust can accumulate in lampshades and light fixtures, where it can burn on hot bulbs or be transported around the room by the generation of warm air surrounding the lights.


Baseboards are a huge dust collector and frequently go uncleaned because they are near the floor and often out of sight.


House plants clean the air in your home organically, however they cannot remove dust from their leaves. Dust them gently to remove the dust particles they attract.

Tops of Cabinets

Take the time to gaze up when you're cleaning. You may notice more dirt than you prefer. We have a tendency to ignore what is beyond our line of sight. Clean the tops of door frames, picture frames, and the ceiling on a regular basis.


Computers and their peripherals suffer the same issue as TV remotes in that they accumulate grime through contact with greasy, unclean fingertips.


The dishwasher, like your washing machine, appears to be self-cleaning. Every month, run a cycle with a cup of vinegar to remove mineral deposits and soap scum.

Trash cans

Taking out the trash does not always eliminate the odors that have accumulated in the garbage bag.


Television remotes and controllers are at the top of the list of goods that are frequently overlooked for cleaning.


Dust, particularly in damp areas such as the bathroom, can lead to mold formation. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment or wipe with a moist sponge or microfiber cloth to clean your walls.