We Found Jennifer Aniston’s Exact Brass Shower Fixture—Along With an $180 Amazon Alternative

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Jennifer Aniston has been famous for her hair for decades, so it makes sense that the well-coiffed celeb, who launched her own haircare line, LolaVie, would have a next-level showerhead earlier this year. In a recent Instagram post To promote the latest from her brand, we caught a glimpse of the star’s dreamy Bel Air bathroom. While most viewers might be enamored with watching the star lather her locks with her new shampoo, we click “Watch Again” to get a glimpse of the patinated shower system Aniston has in the center house. of the century installed.

Our astute editors were able to track down the industrial hardware. Turns out Aniston got her plumbing parts from a collaboration between an interior design company Roman & Williams and luxury bathroom fixtures supplier Waterworks. The RW Atlas collection pays tribute to the factory-inspired movement with exposed pipes, square valves, wheels and lever-like handles. It looks like Aniston may have added an extra feature to her setup as well — a small square mirror that we imagine she could use to make sure no strand goes unconditioned. As she ramps up the water pressure, the exposed thermostatic system also serves as makeshift shelving for her products.

The entire shower set, which appears to be in the vintage brass finish, works out for a cool $32,000 (!) and ships in about 35 weeks (each is made to order). For those who don’t finance a reno with friends royalty, or just aren’t that eager to wait eight months to furnish your bathroom, we’ve scoured the internet for similar styles so you can get the look in much less time and at a fraction of the price.

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We found Jennifer Aniston's exact brass shower fixture, along with a $180 Amazon alternative

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