Tuft & Paw Cloud Nine Hammock for Cats Review

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If you’ve spent even a minute with a cat, you know they’re the harshest critics you’ll want ever meet. As a new mom to two zoomy kittens, I’ve introduced—er, spoiled—them to a variety of toys and gadgets to keep them happy and active (and out of my hair while I work). From toys to food, I have already tested a lot of products on them, but only a select few get the coveted stamp of quality. A brand that has passed the test with flying colors? Tuft & Paw, which makes modern cat furniture and accessories that my girls, Zara and Kaia (and me too!), can’t get enough of.

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A few months ago, Tuft & Paw sent me their sleek, dust-limiting Cove litter box, which I’m actually proud to leave out in my tiny studio apartment. Not only does it fit my decor, but it’s also super smart. The raised sides keep litter dust from tracking across my floors and the frosted design gives the cats some privacy. I also appreciate that it hides the interior contents so I don’t get completely exhausted every time I pass it. The best part? Here at Apartment Therapy, we have a thing for double-duty pieces, so I was thrilled that it has built-in storage for the sweep drawer and scoop. When I saw that the brand has an equally nifty window hammock, I couldn’t wait to let the cats give it a whirl.

The Cloud Nine Window Hammock immediately caught my attention on the website thanks to its curved design, and I loved the chic sherpa floor addition. As a renter, I like that the piece suctions directly onto my window, so no tools are required to install it. I simply screwed the bars in with my hands and it was ready in minutes. As for cleaning, the felt material is easy to spot treat as needed.

Living in NYC, I don’t have the best views from my windows, so giving Zara and Kaia an elevated surface to look at the birds, bugs, and of course my neighbors makes it more exciting for them. They love this thing so much that they will snooze on it for hours. I honestly feel they sleep more because of this handy accessory. Which, if you’ve ever had kittens, you know is a blessing. After all, they’re basically like newborns, so I’ll take it alllll the help I can get.

It’s also super sturdy – it holds up to 30 pounds and hasn’t fallen off once (which was a big fear of mine). However, Tuft & Paw recommends taking down the hammock and cleaning the window area at least once a month to make sure everything is stuck where it should be.

I felt bad that I didn’t have room for a giant cat tree in my tiny apartment, but this hammock filled that void without taking up valuable floor space. . This accessory was actually on back order for a while and it’s finally back in stock. If you’re a cat parent (or know one), add it to your cart ASAP before it’s gone! Tuft & Paw has impressed me twice so I’m already perusing their site to see what I want to treat the girls to next.

Buy: Cloud Nine Hammock with Floof, $119

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