This “Stranger Things” lawn decor on TikTok recreates an iconic Season 4 scene

Halloween is more than a month away, but already someone has won the best lawn decoration of the season.

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On TikTok, a Halloween ornament has gone viral after it successfully recreated the iconic scene from “Stranger Things” where Max Mayfield floats into the air as she battles Vecna ​​in the Upside Down.

In the video, you can see a mannequin dressed to look like Max hovering over a woman. What is interesting about the lawn device is that it does not appear to be propped up on a platform or attached to a wire.

Suffice it to say that the illusion has confused and impressed many. “#001 fan for sure,” Netflix’s TikTok account commented, while Fallon Tonight added, “This is awesome!”

When asked how they did it, owners Dave and Aubrey said that they will reveal their secret soon. That hasn’t stopped everyone from speculating, with some believing the prop is attached to fishing line and a tree hidden outside the frame, while others say it involves a mannequin made of pool noodles to keep Max’s weight down .

The pair are not yet done weaving their magic. They keep coming out with new pieces like Vecna’s grandfather clock and the tentacles commonly seen in the Upside Down.

Follow them to see their complete set for Halloween. If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t forget to bring your Kate Bush cassette!

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