This QVC Closet Organizer doubles your storage space in minutes

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It is a well-known fashion rule that accessories often make the outfit. You can be wearing the most basic jeans and T-shirt, but when you throw a hat, scarf, belt and some cute shoes into the mix, Victoria Beckham has nothing on you. If anything, styling each piece is the easy part. The problem arises when it’s time to take everything off and you find that your closet is maxed out. It can hardly fit all your clothes, let alone all the extra purses. If so, it’s time for a new system. You can try increasing your hanging space with an extra rod insert, packing out-of-season clothes in bins to free up some shelves, or keeping stacks of sweaters straight with shelf dividers. But nothing beats the tried-and-true door organizer. We found one at QVC that will whip your closet into shape in no time.

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This Organizer with 10 pockets by Honey-Can-Do hangs above your closet door to give your cluttered wardrobe some much-needed relief. It has five rows of pockets that vary in size. Two long horizontal pockets are perfect for shoes, bags and other heavier items. At the bottom, a set of medium-sized pockets can hold similar accessories, but a divider in the middle keeps them separate. The rest of the organizer consists of smaller compartments that can hold everything from socks and sunglasses to purses and miscellaneous items that you haven’t yet found a permanent home for. Basically, if you live in a cramped home, this organizer is a must. “I live in a VERY small apartment where storage is at a premium,” shared one reviewer. “My mom found this and ordered it for me. I was skeptical, but it’s the bomb.”

One of the things that makes this find so special is that it requires neither assembly nor cumbersome installation. All you have to do is hook the top and bottom of your door and you’re good to go. That’s right – the top and the bottom of the organizer has hooks so that there is no bump when you open the door. “The versatility of this hanging organizer is incredible,” noted one reviewer. “The quality of the fabric and the value of this door organizer surpasses any I have ever owned.” In fact, the off-white fabric in this organizer is not only sturdy, but it looks great compared to plastic alternatives.

It’s safe to say that your closet will be clutter-free and your accessories will be located safely with this over-the-door organizer. If there’s a time to get it, it’s now because this find is currently on sale for less than $35. Your wardrobe will thank you.

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