This musical Nashville family tours the country in their Americana Airstream

Name: Steve, Gracie, Jack and Willie Moakler
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, but we travel all over the US!
Size: 188 square meters
Type of accommodation: 2006 28′ Airstream Safari Travel Trailer
Years lived in: 2 years, owned

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Steve and Gracie Moakler live in Nashville, but since Steve is a songwriter and touring artist, they’ve been traveling the world together since 2013. Since then, they’ve had two boys, Jack (3) and Willie (2). Gracie owns a digital marketing company and also does social media, website and email marketing through her business, Elevate. When not on the road, Steve writes music for artists such as Reba McEntire, Dierks Bentley and Jake Owen, releasing his seventh studio album, “Make a small room“, on August 12.

“We are the proud owners of a 2006 28′ Airstream Safari,” says the Moaklers. “We’ve been touring the country in various campers for almost a decade, but after having kids, we decided we wanted to buy one that we could customize to feel more like our home, but on wheels. We found this one, when we were looking for Airstreams online as we have always dreamed of owning one. One thing that is really unique about this one is that it has a slide out which they only made for a few years. For us it is the best of both worlds because it has the sleek Airstream aesthetic while still having some extra space that is key for our family of four.”

“Our favorite moments in the motorhome are spent around the table in the morning. After a show we wake up and sip coffee while the boys play with cars and eat cereal at the kitchen table. It’s honestly so sweet that we wish we could just bottle up those moments forever.”

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My style: Earthy, laid-back Americana, with a pop of modern

Inspiration: We wanted our Airstream to feel like an extension of our Nashville home with lots of texture and color.

Favorite item: We love the Iron Ore cabinets. We have Iron Ore in some of our favorite rooms in Nashville, so that crossover is very comforting to us.

Biggest challenge: The airflow isn’t a ton of room for four people! We certainly have to be very thoughtful when packing for a trip. Gracie’s motto is “we can always stop at Target.”

proudest DIY: Our custom crib and toddler bed. All the corners are rounded and since we are traveling with a 3 and 2 year old, we have had to get creative with making a room for them to sleep in. We called Steve’s dad, Tom, who is an architect, to to help us think through the best space-saving plan and create these beds. We actually built them with him and we’re really proud of how they turned out.

Biggest indulgence: The wallpaper. We saw it and had to have it. We LOVE the personality it adds to our Airstream. And again, reminds us of home, which is super helpful when we’re away for weeks at a time.

Is there anything unique about your home or the way you use it? Yes! We travel the country as a family playing private shows with the Airstream as a backdrop. We hang lights on it and set up a stage in front of it. It also serves as our greenroom and accommodation. We perform around 30-40 shows a year.

What are your favorite products you’ve bought for your home and why? The sticky tile. We did a lot of research on how to create a cost-effective, travel-friendly bathroom and kitchen reno, and found some great tile alternatives. Because we’re hauling the Airstream all over, our decor and interior has to be pretty hurricane-proof while we’re driving. We can restyle it when we arrive at our destination, but the main elements have to be incredibly durable.

Please describe any useful, inspiring, brilliant or just plain useful tips for maximizing and/or organizing small spaces you have: Curve, curve, curve. For a small space, they are lifesavers for us. Because everyone doesn’t get that much personal space, we categorize things into baskets. Our tip would also be to just clean up. We’ve gotten much better at packing efficiently, learning to layer (clothes) and realizing that carrying extra stuff actually just adds more stress. For us, when the airflow is too full or it has collected a mess while traveling, we have to stop and clean it up – it instantly brings a new sense of peace!

Finally, what is your absolute best home secret or interior design tip? We think that interior design should be an extension of who you are. We wanted the Airstream to feel like us. We are dreamers, creative, family-centered, and when you step inside our Airstream, I think (and hope) you would immediately feel that!

Thanks Steve, Gracie, Jack and Willie!

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