This Lush Green Color Palette Feels Like a Walk Through Nature

Relaxing in nature is one of the most serene activities you can do — except maybe for relaxing in a home inspired by the calming power of the great outdoors. Sound soothing? We think so too. That’s why we designed a paint palette of rich greens and organic accent colors. Together, these hues create a soft, grounded look that feels like a quiet walk through the forest. Meet Verdant Vanitas.

Created by designer and visual artist Sara Weissler, Verdant Vanitas creates a sense of calm that is so needed right now. Feel at peace in your foggy green kitchen or refreshed in your bedroom or living room. This palette — made entirely of gorgeous paints from Sherwin‑Williams® — is as comforting as the nature that informed it. Now, let’s take a color walk.

AT color expert Sara Weissler dug into color symbolism to create this palette. “Green symbolizes many themes, but the two that resonated with me were hope and renewal, which are especially needed after the last few years,” she says. Evergreen Fog SW 9130 was the perfect jumping-off point for a palette that evokes new growth, ripe fruit, and rich earth.

AT readers have been loving similar colors, especially these shades of green. How do we know? By checking out the Prism tool, which you can use to find color inspiration and save your favorites. (Just click the little rainbow button in the corner of any image on AT — that’s how Sara discovered Iron Ore SW 7069!) While designing, Sara kept the most liked colors in mind, so this palette is a bit of a reader collaboration. Thanks for your input!

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