This Bold Jewel Box of Colors Will Transform Your Space

Subtlety is nice, but this year we’re more into style that shouts a bit. For those who don’t shy away from color, we created a paint palette that will add a little shine and sparkle to your home. Full of lush jewel tones and vibrant pastels, it’s like a treasure chest of baubles — a.k.a. the perfect accessory. Meet the color palette we’ve named Crown Jewels.

Created by designer and visual artist Sara Weissler, Crown Jewels is now the way to keep your home’s style exciting (but not overwhelming) to you day in and day out. Together, these paint colors banish boredom from any room, and because they all come from Sherwin‑Williams®, they’ll brush on easily and stay vibrant for years. Let’s take a look!

For this palette, AT color expert Sara Weissler leaned into the unexpected. “I was imagining opening a box and watching vintage jewelry and scarves come tumbling out,” Sara says. “These are bright colors that people rarely put together, but when they’re done well, they inspire so much joy, and it just somehow works.”

We regularly see jewel tones saved in personal palettes on our Prism tool, so we also have you to thank for providing inspiration for this palette. Sara paid attention to trends on Prism while designing Crown Jewels, and used what she saw to guide her color choices. After seeing Novel Lilac SW 6836 in real homes on the site, she knew it would fit perfectly. Click the little rainbow button on the bottom of any AT image to join the color convo!

And these colors are just begging for a gallery wall: Use your favorite hue as the base, then incorporate the others in your prints and frames.

Need a little help going bold? Book a FREE Virtual Color Consultation from Sherwin‑Williams® to snag a 30-minute chat with one of their color consultants. They’ll provide expert color recommendations, a personalized project plan, and more so you can choose your colors with confidence.

And with their Peel & Stick color samples — available in their most popular colors (with free shipping!) — you can see exactly how colors look and feel in your space before you start painting.

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