These Stackable Wine Glasses Save Serious Room In Your Kitchen Cabinets

As co-founder of Sight unseen, Jill Singer knows a thing or two about scanning the design world for hyped pieces and future classics. She even filled her East Hampton, New York, House with a cool mix of high-low furniture from big-box stores and indie designers, from IKEA to Human house.

In our constant quest to get inside her head, we asked Singer to shop her current favorite finds at major retailers and, being the ultimate source for what’s cool right now, indie brands too. These are her choices.

From Big-Box stores

piles up

Bormioli Rocco Stackable Wine Glasses, Food52 ($33)


I was always looking for Bitossi wine goblets, which have a similar stocky shape but seem to be permanently out of stock. Then I found these, and they are cheaper and they stack too?! indispensable.

on reading

deep blue acrylic bookend

Deep Blue Acrylic Bookend, CB2 ($100)


This piece reminds me of a sculpture by one of the 1960s California Light and Space artists, such as Peter Alexander or Vasa Mihich. It’s also the perfect shade of cobalt blue.

Tribe class

Hay Chubby Vase

W&S Chubby Vase, HAY ($72)


These blobby vases from Wang & Soderstrom from Copenhagen are 3D printed in ceramic, but for a digital design they are quite warm and friendly. I love it when brands create objects with a strong concept behind them that are not just conventionally beautiful.

geometry lesson


Neutral Color Block Border Geometric Rug, Crate & Kids ($299)


Most of the time I am proselytizing about using products made for adults in a children’s environment. But Crate & Kids consistently makes colorful and subtly geometric rugs that fit just as well in a chic living room as they do in a nursery.

Double the fun


Kink Vase, Design at Your Fingertips ($269)


Just a perfect encapsulation of the “chubby” trend, but one that still feels really timeless.

From Indie Designers

Light beam


The Sun Tray, Anastasio Home ($210)


I love the super saturated marbles my friend Gabriela uses for the catchalls in her new line.



Silje Lindrup Glass Wall Clock, Arranging Things ($458)


A melting clock is as old as DalĂ­, but this one feels very modern. The designer is still studying in Sweden, if you can believe it.

Let it glow


Sean Gerstley Honeydew Flower Candle Holders, Sounds ($120)


Sean Gerstley is one of my favorite up-and-coming ceramists, and these candle holders are a fun way to support his work, even if you can’t afford his larger pieces of furniture. If you’re thinking of splitting up a shelf or dresser with styling items, these are great because they’re shaped like nothing else.

Rock On


Rock Mug, Utensils ($45)


I imagine holding this nubby mug would be a wonderfully tactile experience.



Joe Hartley Layered Side Table, The New Craftsman ($1843)


Made from extruded ceramic, the legs of this table look like painted brushstrokes, and this incredibly deep navy blue hue now feels very fresh.

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