These curtain trends will be big news in 2023

As anyone who has ever had to pick out curtains knows, choosing the right design can be like a minefield. Curtain trends can change – and after all, curtains aren’t something you want to replace too often when you invest in a quality fabric. Trying to predict whether the pattern or color you’re most looking for will still be trendy a few years later is tricky – which is why we so often opt for plain, neutral designs instead.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with neutrals: a greige wool curtain can be the perfect sophisticated finishing touch for a grown-up living room, while a floating linen number in a bedroom helps keep things calm and casual. But if you’re looking for a little spice from your curtains, these may not be enough.

To help you out, we spoke to the experts to find out what interior trends they see coming through for curtains in 2023 and beyond. From handcrafted details to new ways with pelmets, these stylish ideas are here to stay — and they’ll satisfy even the most daring decorators.

Ellen Finch

Ellen is an experienced in-house journalist and as livingetc‘s deputy editor, works tirelessly to compile the magazine each month. To discover the latest curtain trends for this year and beyond, she spoke to interior designers and fabric experts for their predictions.

Possibly the biggest curtain trend of this year? More of them – and not just framing your windows. “Curtains have a moment,” says Chloe Jonason (opens in new tab), owner of her studio of the same name, which makes custom curtains and upholstery for furniture. Curtains on everything – doors, windows, closets, walls and ceilings! More is more… long live the curtain!’

Curtains are a big problem, but what exactly should we be looking for? Here’s What The Experts Suggest…

1. Understated Pattern

Patterned bedroom curtains and bed headboard in a colorful bedroom

Credit: A Rum Fellow/Natalie Dinham

Contemporary design-forward prints are scaled back and subtle, offering a touch of personality to a space without becoming the focal point of the room. “Currently I like curtain fabrics that give the room a subtle punch, especially small-scale prints such as a diamond or a small flower on a solid surface,” says interior designer Julia King of Studio Roenec (opens in new tab).

Proving that curtains don’t go out of style, some of the trendiest prints are inspired by the rich history of design, or from faraway places to bring that holiday feeling home. Opting for small-scale prints means keeping the design contemporary – but if you’re not sure, there are some safe options that still feel playful. “Gingham or plaid fabric is always a good idea,” says Chloe Jonason. “It will stand the test of time and work in any setting, be it a cottage, country house or city trail.”

2. Handmade details

an industrial living room with a scalloped edge curtain

Credit: Anson Smart. Design: Arent&Pyke

Bespoke details make a home chic – and so do curtains. ‘I’m drawn to handmade details – whether it’s an embroidered pattern, hand quilted panels or even a scalloped front on the curtains,’ says Julia King. “Adding these special details to the fabric is a way to make the curtains stand out without overwhelming the rest of the room.”

Embroidered details also add subtle texture, making it the perfect choice for a cozy living room or bedroom. To add an edge to plain fabric, look at the piping for a pop of pattern and color – UK Company James Hare (opens in new tab) does great, or try Etsy (opens in new tab). You can also embrace color trends by opting for a contrasting color combination – pink and red, for example, or yellow and lilac.

3. Alternative Eaves

Curtains and pelmet in red, black and white checkered fabric

Credit: Kate Guinness

Curtain rails, of course, never go out of style – but for something with a little more drama, try experimenting with a pelmet. Today’s designs have shaken off the old-fashioned associations and offer a new way to add interest to your curtains. “Instead of a traditional pelmet, we like using lath and fascia in matching fabric,” says Kate Guinness of interior design and decorating studio Kate Guinness Design (opens in new tab), who designed these bedroom curtains. “It turns what would normally be a hidden trail into a decorative element.”

“One trend I can’t get enough of is pleated curtains,” says Chloe Jonason. ‘Always with curtains, but also so beautiful on a shelf or on a roman blind.’ Gathering the fabric adds a decorative element to the design, and you can temper the sweetness with the pattern you use — gingham or stripes will suit a kid’s room, while plain fabric feels more sophisticated in adult spaces.

4. New images

See-through graphic curtains for a window

Credit: Kvadrat/Matteo Girola

As flowers grow small, images become bold – such as artist Alain Biltereyst’s latest textile collection for Square (opens in new tab), Quote, show. The collection takes the hard lines of Biltereyst’s graphic paintings and balances them with soft textiles in neutral palettes.

The key to making bold graphic prints work as modern window treatments is to make sure there’s balance in the mix. Soften the straight edges of squares and triangles with a subdued palette and lighter materials; curved shapes, on the other hand, work well with bold hues and more opaque fabrics. For a playful touch, opt for bold vertical stripes in contrasting colors – and soften the effect by playing with the width and spacing.

5. Disappearing Acts

Gray curtains against sliding doors in a dining room

Credit: Mary Wadsworth © Future

Perhaps, instead of playing with curtain rails or pelmets, you’d rather leave out the extras altogether and opt for a more minimalist look. ‘One feature that is incredibly custom and luxurious is installing curtains in a suspended ceiling,’ says interior designer Marie Flanigan (opens in new tab). ‘I love how it draws attention and at the same time creates a beautiful feeling in the space.’

You can ask your architect or designer to create a recess in the ceiling for this, or mimic the effect by installing a simple solid wood pelmet, painted to match your walls for a plastered look, behind which you can place the curtain. can hide rails. It’s a clever architectural detail that makes a room feel more streamlined.

What are the best trend-forward curtains for living rooms?

Living rooms, like bedrooms, tend to be the cozier areas of a home — meaning they lend themselves to luxurious details. One living room curtain trend that works particularly well in this space is layering. “I like a layered window,” says Marie Flanigan. ‘When I dress up a window, I like to combine a beautiful woven wood with a beautiful curtain panel, usually in a solid fabric. I love the texture that the woven wood adds to a space, complemented by the clean lines of drapery on top.”

Play with texture by combining flowing curtains with solid panels, as Marie suggests, or experiment with texture by layering solid wool curtains with slubby linen on a double curtain rod. If you only have one pole, you can still create the effect of layers by being smart with your chosen fabric: we love the look of a curtain with a contrasting lining that offers a flash of colour.

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