These are the most popular celebrity homes in 2022

There is something undeniably enticing about getting a peek into the homes of famous people. Whether you get a thrill out of checking out the luxury spaces that beloved celebrities call home, or simply want some home decor, it’s no surprise that A-lister homes keep us intrigued time and time again. But what are the most popular celebrity homes out there?

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To find out, Hollywood Hills real estate company RubyHome analyzed Architectural Digest’s “Open Door” YouTube series — where celebrities give house tours — and ranked the videos based on total viewership.

In at number one is Wiz Khalifa, if Los Angeles home tour has received a whopping 52,198,769 views. For cannabis lovers, the rapper’s $4.6 million Sherman Oaks home is a dream come true — he has a bar. and a full wall of weeds. To top things off, Wiz enjoys a heated pool and a full-service recording studio in his Mediterranean-inspired home.

Next up is producer and DJ Zedd’s Northwest Los Angeles mansion, which received 47,213,280 views. Located in Benedict Canyon, the $16 million home’s full-length glass windows offer sweeping views of the surrounding canyon. Zedd’s open floor plan also brings the outdoors in with an atrium and living olive tree, around which the entire house was actually built. He’s also got a Skittle machine, because why not dream big?!

Jessica Alba’s $10 million home in LA comes with 35,146,040 views. Drawing inspiration from both homes in provincial France and Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Beverly Hills home, Alba’s house offers some enviable personal touches (like a custom Christmas stocking fireplace and a double bathroom with his-and-hers showers).

Marvel star Robert Downey Jr. is another popular choice when it comes to home inspo. The Hamptons home he shares with his wife Susan — which happens to be a converted windmill — has received 28,191,919 views. Downey Jr.’s video, shared in October 2017, is one of the first home tours in the series to be guided by the celebrity homeowners themselves. It’s also one of the only houses on the list not located in California — others include Aaron Paul’s home in Idaho and Michael Kors’ Plaza Hotel penthouse in New York City.

Other notable celebs who made the list include David Dobrik (25,174,565), Dakota Johnson (24,906,035) and Kendall Jenner (24,698,834).

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