These are the biggest “tourist trap” cities according to a study

Nobody likes a tourist trap. Crowded and overhyped, these supposedly “must-see” travel destinations can often be more trouble than they’re worth. When you choose to visit a big, popular city, you run the risk of encountering many such tourist traps – so which cities are guilty of this and which ones are worth avoiding on your travels?

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That question probably varies from person to person, but it doesn’t hurt to do your research beforehand and avoid a dull trip. To help people dodge holiday duds, rent website Holiday rental surveyed over 800 recent travelers to identify the top “tourist trap” cities in the US and abroad.

When asked what makes a city a “tourist trap”, the most common characteristics cited by respondents were expensive (57%), crowded (48%) and noisy (38%).

These are common complaints when it comes to vacation rental’s top three tourist trap cities in America: Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Orlando. LA faced criticism for its heavy traffic and overall costs, while Las Vegas’ glitzy casino reputation makes it an easy target for the “tourist trap” label (same for Orlando with its string of theme park destinations).

When it comes to these destinations, Vacation Renter recommends exploring places off the beaten path (like Red Rock Canyon, which is near Vegas) or traveling in the off-season (that means fall or winter for Orlando).

Other notable US tourist trap cities include Miami, New York City, Atlanta and Dallas.

When it comes to international travel, Vacation Renters top three tourist trap cities were Paris, Cancun and Tijuana.

While Paris was praised for its beauty, respondents complained that it was expensive and often overcrowded. The French capital’s locals are often stereotyped as snobbish (see: “Emily in Paris”), so it’s worth learning a few key French phrases before heading to the City of Love.

Many travelers found the Mexican city of Tijuana difficult to navigate and crowded. And while Cancun stands out as a popular party destination, it got a lot of flak from respondents when it came to lacking authentic Mexican cuisine. If cuisine is important to you, Vacation Renter recommends checking out cities like Oaxaca, Guadalajara or Mexico City instead.

No matter where you go, it’s always worth it to do your research and decide which bucket list items are important. That way, you can get the most out of a new city and maybe even find some hidden gems in the process.

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