The World’s Most Precious Collectible Items

We’ve all heard the stories about the kid who stumbles upon a valuable comic in a thrift store, or the family who move into a new house and find a wine cellar below the floorboards worth a fortune. Some of the largest sales in history were generated from the most unexpected items. 

Anything from sports cards or Coca Cola cans, to stuffed toys or even ticket stubs, could be the big ticket item worth millions. You never know what long-forgotten items might secretly be the key to a much brighter (and greener) future. 

Maker: Coleco Industries 
Original Price: $25*
Worth Today: $2,000*

Star Wars made an indelible mark in the 1970s and has grown into a massively successful franchise, generating billions of dollars. The cinematic saga’s success paved the way for a wide range of licensed toy deals and merchandise, and the original toys released alongside the films have transformed into highly coveted collectibles, often commanding prices in the thousands of dollars.

A standout example in this realm is the 1978 Darth Vader action figure produced by Kenner. What sets this figure apart and adds to its value is the inclusion of the “Double Telescoping” lightsaber. Kenner used this unique design for the lightsabers accompanying the action figures of Darth Vader, Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker. The term “Double Telescoping” has become a strong indicator that an action figure is likely to fetch thousands of dollars in the resale market. This phenomenon underscores the enduring allure and worth of Star Wars collectibles to enthusiasts and collectors alike

Continue reading to explore some of history’s most valuable collectibles. Who knows, it might be the perfect moment to retrieve that stepladder and embark on an attic adventure. For all you know, you might have unknowingly harbored a hidden treasure trove for decades.