The second Livingetc x Lights & Lamps collection launches

The response to our first collection with UK-based lighting experts Lights & Lamps was so incredible that we couldn’t wait to do another one.  So we’ve created nine
new lights that work seamlessly alongside our existing designs, ready to  be curated artfully into your home.

As before, it was a brilliantly collaborative process. I sat down with Livingetc’s editorial director Sarah Spiteri to talk about what shapes, styles and finishes we felt both complemented the original collection and were a response to how we think our readers want to decorate today.

We took these sketches to Niki and Scarlett at Lights & Lamps who used their expertise to turn them into workable ideas that we all feel will work beautifully in a modern home, adding a touch of design flair through their rounded edges and their warming palettes.

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Artisan pieces

rattan wall light

Pari wall light with rattan shade, £159 

(Image credit: Lights & Lamps)

Once again, craft is key to these designs. We’ve focused on rattan, brown marble sourced from Spain, crackle-glazed ceramic and smoothly lathed concrete. Rattan is the great softener, bringing a touch of levity to even the most formal schemes, while the industrial vibe of the concrete is tempered by its beguiling rounded edges.

I felt it worked perfectly as the shade for this Pari wall light, which could go anywhere, but that I had in mind for a bedroom. The ideal bedroom, at the moment, has the sensibility of a spa – both relaxing and uplifting, soothing yet energising. Rattan has all these qualities, and so seemed exactly right for now.

cool collaboration 

concrete table lamp on a wood chest

Miata table lamp with concrete base and rattan shade, £189

(Image credit: Lights and Lamps)

We’re in awe of what Lights & Lamps has managed to do since launching in 2020. The pedigree of the creative visionaries behind the brand is remarkable – they have worked with some of the most renowned names in the industry – and they have managed to distil their knowledge into a range of keenly priced and beautifully designed lights. 

floor lamp with rattan shade

Pari floor lamp with rattan shade, £229

(Image credit: Lights & Lamps)

And the great thing about working with Niki and Scarlett – why we were so keen to do it again – is because they understood exactly how to bring the decor vibe we love so much at Livingetc to life – a cosy sense of glamour that makes you feel smart while allowing you to kick off your shoes. Whether it’s for a bedside table or work space, this collection  will enhance your home. 

marble table lamp with rattan shade

Roha marble and rattan table lamp, £149

(Image credit: Lights & Lamps)

rattan ceiling light

Pari rattan pendant light, £149

(Image credit: Lights & Lamps)

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