The Container Store Storage We’re Shopping in Instacart’s New “Big & Bulky” Section

We couldn’t order fast enough when we first heard the Container Store had partnered with Instacart to deliver decluttering solutions with just a few taps. Since then, we’ve stocked up on small finds like sleek hangers, junk drawer sorters, and spice jars in the same virtual shopping cart as our Whole Foods favorites. But recently, Instacart announced a new Big & Bulky feature for same-day delivery of larger items such as outdoor furniture, storage supplies, and electronics from retailers like Big Lots, Staples, and, of course, the Container Store. Pairing shoppers with drivers who have vehicles to accommodate bigger pieces means larger-scale shelving units, filing cabinets, and too-clunky-to-carry bins can now be at your doorstep by dinner. 

It’s a game changer for city dwellers especially: With this feature, an Instacart membership will save you from the plight of awkwardly lugging plastic totes onto public transport or up several flights of stairs ever again. 

Free from the literal weight of dragging home bulky items, you could easily add a colorful filing cabinet to your home office like the one our deputy editor Julie Vadnal swears by. Or transform a blank wall into a library-worthy bookshelf with a massive Elfa order like our former managing editor has had in every apartment. And, if you’re in need of an under-$40 solution to straighten up pretty much anything, this three-tier rolling cart works just as well as a fitness gear station as it does a kitchen counterpart. You’ll be sorted out in an instant.

What We’re Ordering

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