The Best Reed Diffusers to Shop for Fall Scents

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Like our closets, our interiors also need a transition between the seasons — and one particularly low-lift exercise for updating a space is switching scents. To avoid burning out a new pack of expensive candles every three months, we recommend going the reed diffuser route. These flameless fragrance alternatives can last an entire season, while also serving as a relaxing ritual and an aesthetically pleasing decor accent. We love to place the well-designed barrels in foyers to greet guests upon entry or in bathrooms to maintain a fresh and fragrant facade, occasionally flipping the reeds to redistribute the aromatic oils.

But since there are countless scents to sort through, we’ve compiled a list of the best reed diffusers from our favorite brands for fall, including options for passionate pumpkin spice or those who prefer subtler woody notes, sun-ripened apple orchards, or grassy rides. .

Our favorites

Best for Pumpkin Spice: Williams Sonoma

Pumpkin Spice Aroma Diffuser, Williams Sonoma ($29)


Notes: Pumpkin, butter, brown sugar, vanilla, toasted pecans and spices | Refillable: No | Reeds: 9

Why we chose it: Because you’ll be first in line when PSL is on the menu.

We’d be remiss not to include this fan-favorite scent — nothing says (or should we say, screams) fall quite like pumpkin, especially when this garden squash is sweetened with notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. It’s easy to get this scent wrong; we have experienced our share of the overwhelming. But William Sonoma’s latest iteration is well-rounded with notes reminiscent of ginger and toasted pecans. It’s warm, like a fresh loaf of bread, and bottled in a frosted glass container with clean square edges (no pumpkin shapes or showy colors). Be sure to come back next season when the retailer releases more limited-edition options, which were included in the past harvest herb and citrus cloves.

Best for Fallen Leaves: puebco


Fallen Leaves Scientific Aroma Diffuser, Puebco ($45)


Notes: N/A | Refillable: No | Reeds: 6

Why we chose it: Like the fresh air during a morning walk or run, the leaves crunch underfoot.

It can be challenging to capture that fresh feeling once the air has cooled and the wind has scattered scarlet, gold and brown leaves from the branches – but that’s exactly what made Japan puecbos aptly named blend conjures. Fitted with black reeds and housed in an amber glass vessel that looks like it could easily be mistaken for a spice jar, this is the kind of diffuser that captures the essence of fall weather. The label is small enough not to be a distraction, and while it looks understated (just 230 milliliters of oil in a 5-inch-tall bottle), its luxurious reputation shouldn’t be overlooked.

Best for apple picking: The White Company


Fall Diffuser, The White Company ($44)


Notes: Pear, quince and apricot | Refillable: No | Reeds: 5

Why we chose it: Synonymous with the scents of fall harvest, it comes in a luxurious glass container.

The fruity scent of The White Company encompasses an October weekend of freshly picked branches of sun-ripened Macouns and MacIntosh. It has all the hallmarks of a full crop: besides apple, there are subtle hints of pear and apricot, although according to previous buyers it is bright enough not to come across as sickly sweet. One reviewer even confirms that it’s so intoxicating that they wish the fragrance was available year-round.

Best for Fire Brigade: pharmacy

Black Reed Diffuser Charcoal

Charcoal Reed Diffuser, Apoheke ($54)


Notes: Cedarwood, Smoky Amber, Sandalwood | Refillable: No | Reeds: 6

Why we chose it: An all-black exterior can also double as Halloween decor.

This one is for all the bonfire aficionados bidding your time before you can bundle up, grab a few logs, and sip the red wine. Apotheke’s Earthy Reed Diffuser offers the smell of smoke without the lingering aftermath. Unlike the brand’s usual frosted glass containers, this one is shrouded in an all-black matte exterior and fitted with dark-colored wicker to match. While we can’t help but see it in a more gothic light, it will also go well with modern sanitary fixtures with the same finish. Reviewers rave about the cedar lasting several months without a replacement – so we’re betting this should last you until the first snowfall, if you’re not ready for another season swap before then.

We love too

Nest Reed Diffusers

Autumn plum spreader

Fall Plum Diffuser, Nest ($58)



Pumpkin Chai Diffuser, Nest ($58)


Long-lasting is the name of the game for Nest, which offers not one, but two seasonal scents: Autumn Plum and Pumpkin Chai. Go for the latter if you like a cozy autumn scent (think: pumpkin, but with masala chai and cardamom). Or, for a fruity offering, the first is the best choice with additional notes of patchouli leaf and cinnamon to keep it from getting too sweet.

Voluspa Reed Diffusers


Spice Pumpkin Latte Home Diffuser, Voluspa ($28)


If our barrels above are on the safe side for your sensory tastes, Voluspa’s affordably priced and mottled orange container may suit you better. This pumpkin latte oil reportedly lasts up to six months and is described by the brand as warm and spicy, thanks to its combination of pumpkin and cinnamon spiced brulee. While we’re tired of the fluffy vanilla marshmallow and whipped coconut crema notes, using less rattan cane is an easy trick to minimize the scent’s potential potency.

Luxury gifts, all year round

If you’re looking for a unique housewarming or wedding gift, or don’t want to show up empty-handed at an upcoming gathering, the selection of reed diffusers below is Surely luxurious enough to wrap as gifts.


Element Diffuser, Tom Dixon ($175)


loewe black licorice reed diffuser

Home Fragrances, Loewe ($240)



Bottom to Shape Diffuser, Frama ($230)


The last word

Candles often lead the way when it comes to filling a home with fragrance. But if you don’t want to worry about forgetting your lit fuse hours later, or sacrificing the seasonal vibe, the best reed diffusers may be your best bet.

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