See how a Stager’s Small Tweaks made a big difference in this small apartment in Poland

Small adjustments can make a big difference – regardless of whether it’s in life or interior design. Just ask Marta Bednarczyk Marta Bednarczyk Home Staging in Warsaw, Poland. The owners of a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment – measuring around 366 square meters – in the capital had bought the investment property with the intention of renting it out in the short term.

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But as one of 20 nearly identical units in the building for rent, they had stiff competition, so they brought in Bednarczyk. “The main goal was to prepare an apartment that stands out, which is very hard,” she says.

Plus, the design should appeal to high-end tenants, since the apartment is located in the prestigious city center. “The main goal was to make the unit more unique and one-of-a-kind and emphasize the high quality of the interior finish,” explains Bednarczyk. But there was a kicker: the budget was about as small as the device.

The main living space, consisting of sitting and dining areas, had to impress potential tenants immediately after walking through the front door. The room looked drab with monochromatic furniture that didn’t do justice to the room’s amazing features, such as crown molding, box-pattern moldings, high ceilings, and floor-to-ceiling doors that let in lots of natural light. Lack of accessories and wall art made the room seem lifeless.

Bednarczyk began by keeping the dining set and sofa, which were the right size for the small unit. She switched out the white drum light and undersized coffee table for chic black pieces that make better use of the space. She decided to introduce black into the color scheme to create contrast and “make the occasion look sophisticated and elegant.”

The old media stand was replaced by a sleek new cabinet that hides the essentials, its gold handles playing into the mixed metal aesthetic established by the original dining table’s chrome base, gold chair legs and silver and gold light fixture. While the furniture appeared to float in its original configuration, Bednarczyk placed a large area rug the size of the couch to ground the seating area and better define the space.

Next, the molding on the walls provided the perfect opportunity to place three pieces of wall art, and Bednarczyk chose abstract works in black, white, and dove gray, the latter of which echoes the sofa and dining room chairs. “The geometric patterns from the posters were repeated on the cushions as well as the round shape of the lampshade, which was changed from a small white lampshade to an elegant black one,” she says.

Other details include a white rug, vases of flowers and a table for tea, which adhered to the chic new aesthetic right down to the cups and saucers.

The apartment was immediately rented out, but that is not the only measure of Bednarczyk’s success. The room was a finalist in 2022 International Home Staging Awards for Best Home Staging Transformation Project.

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