Rental-Friendly Ways to Renovate Your Space, from a Magnolia Network Star

It can often seem like you don’t have many options for personalizing and renovating a rental property. Keyanna Bowen, a Realtor-turned-rental-expert, realized this when she first moved into her rental. 

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“I used to be a Realtor, and there was a common notion that if you do not own a home, you should not invest in it,” Bowen tells Apartment Therapy. “And I think that over the last few years, that has changed.”

In her new Magnolia Network series, “Rental Redo,” Bowen aims to show people the rental-friendly ways that they can upgrade their rental homes, including a focus on simplicity and affordability.

Want to get in on the rental renovation action?

After checking in with your landlord to confirm that they’re on board with updates, Bowen recommends starting with light fixtures. Most rental properties come with run-of-the-mill, builder-grade fixtures, which lack charm and character, according to Bowen. However, she notes that they’re fairly easy to switch out and can be a simple way to add an architectural feel to a home.

“And the great thing is you can take it with you to your next place,” she says of the upgraded fixture. “So, it’s one of those items that even if you want to splurge a little bit on it, it’s completely worth it because you don’t have to leave it there. You can just keep the old light fixture, pop that one back in when you leave, and take the pretty one with you.”

In addition to light fixtures, she’s found success with simply painting a room and changing out cabinet hardware. She shares that she made this switch in her own kitchen and was pleased with the final look of the space. 

“If there’s anything that you should invest in, it should be your home,” Bowen adds. “And so whether that is a home-owned property or a rental space, it’s totally worth investing in it, because at the end of the day, it’s what most impacts your wellness and your quality of life.” 

“Rental Redo” is available to stream on discovery+ and the Magnolia app. New episodes drop each Friday through Oct. 7.

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