Pura’s Smart Plug-in Air Freshener is 20% Off This Labor Day

There are plenty of ways to fill your home with fragrance—potpourri, reed diffusers, and, of course, candles. But I’ve come to personally prefer the power of plug-in air fresheners. Most, however, aren’t exactly…chic. Tacky nightlights abound. But Pura’s diffuser is way more discreet. Its small, circular profile looks like an extension of my sideways outlet and seamlessly matches the paint color of my landlord-special white walls. And if you’re concerned about splurging, it’s actually 20 percent off through September 5, as well as all of the long-lasting, 200-plus scents made by Domino-beloved brands including Capri Blue, Nest, and Apotheke

Smart Fragrance Diffuser, Pura ($35 was $44)


Appearances aside, it’s the smart functionality that ultimately won me over. Beneath the simple matte exterior (that’s far easier to remove than a battery cover, by the way), you can hide not one but two vials of aromatic oil. After connecting to Wi-Fi, not only are you able to control the strength of the scent emitted—on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most intense—from your phone, but the duration and days you want the little guy to run. Months after first plugging in, I still find delight in alternating between my Anthropologie exclusives of fruity Santal Blush and woody Sol Tobac through the app’s handy calendar. 

The Smart Plug-In Diffuser That Blends in With My White Walls Is 20% Off This Weekend

Courtesy of Pura

Other customizable features include a light—a detail you’d never notice until it’s turned on, as it’s situated in the rear part of the gadget—and choosing from an entire color wheel of hues. And are you surprised to hear you can also select how bright or subtle it is? In my apartment, it makes midnight snack journeys from the bedroom to the kitchen free of stubbed toes. My current living situation may not warrant additional units (one is strong enough for my small space), but you can set up and control multiples, too. Maybe someday in the future I’ll have one in every room of my home and won’t ever need to light a wick again.  

Scents Worth Stealing  

In all seriousness, though, I used to be a candle obsessive. (Okay, maybe I still am, considering there’s an entire shelf in my kitchen dedicated to glass and ceramics filled with scented wax.) But being able to control, with Pura’s smart diffuser, how subtle or strong one can come off has been, dare I say, life changing. It’s also definitely given my bank account a bit of a break. While everyone’s nose is different, I’ve included my own “to-buy” list, above, to transition my summery situation to a cozier fall vibe. If you’re still stuck, Pura’s fragrance quiz may be able to point you in the right direction. Then, when you find something you love enough to have on rotation, subscribe and save 30 percent.

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