Our Place launches new small cast iron pot and fearless fry

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If you’re a fan of this new skillet, or you’ve been toying with the idea of ​​getting one, you’re going to love this latest Our Place launch. Starting today, you can get your hands on the extremely adorable Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan: a $60 mini version designed for single-serving dinners, sides, frying eggs and more. And that’s not the only news – they’ve also released the Fearless Fry, a stainless steel and silicone spray guard for frying, sauteing and more, mess-free.

Like its full-size counterpart, the Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan features a matte black enamel finish for high-performance cast iron cookware that’s also easy to clean. Achieve beautiful sears and beautifully baked dishes minus the concerns about cross-over and stuck-on food that can come with traditional cast iron.

It comes in at 6.5 inches in diameter, so it’s great for frying an egg or two, cooking a single piece of chicken or fish, or making individual baked frittatas, cobblers, or pancakes (yum!). As the owner of another type of mini skillet, I can attest to how wonderful it is to clean such a small pan versus scrubbing down a larger skillet when you’ve only used it for a small task.

As for the Fearless Fry, Our Place’s brilliant take on a splatter guard, it’s an item you’re guaranteed to use almost daily if you do a lot of pan-frying, shallow frying, or sauteing. It has a stainless steel interior for a robust design and a silicone exterior for easy cleaning. Anyone who has struggled to hand wash their mesh splash shield in the sink will appreciate this handy tool! What’s more, you can fold back just one side to touch while cooking without having to remove the entire piece. And while it’s custom designed to fit the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, it comes in 10.9 inches wide by 13 inches long if you want to see if it will fit over a skillet you already have at home.

Our Place is constantly inventing smart products to make everyday cooking much more hassle-free, and these two new products are certainly no exception!

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