Material Kitchen Launches New Trio of Knives Color

Quality and aesthetics don’t often go together in the world of high-end knives – which is exactly what makes Material Kitchen’s collaboration with stylist Beverly Nguyen so newsworthy. Not only is the latest knife set from the thoughtfully designed kitchenware brand made with Japan’s best-selling carbon and stainless steel blades (described by Domino editor-in-chief Lydia Geisel as “razor-sharp”), the matte-composite handles are now coated in a coveted sage colorway. It’s a soothing shade that, fittingly, is an all-time favorite paint choice for kitchen cabinets.

Trio of Knives, Kitchen Material ($155)


The full set includes: the 8″ blade ($75), an ultra-sharp yet low-maintenance blade; the Almost 4″ blade ($50), a versatile 3.5-by 7.75-inch paring knife; and the Serrated 6″ Blade ($60), an 11-inch tall beauty that’s ideal for slicing tomatoes or bread, spreading peanut butter, and more. Of over 250 reviews and an impressive 5 out of 5 star rating at, the Trio of Knives is an absolute favorite when it comes to premium quality and design-forward aesthetics at a competitive price. “Not only is this knife beautiful to look at, but it is as good as any knife I’ve ever used, even compared to the much more expensive and heavily advertised knife,” testified one reviewer. Another simply says: “Sharp and sharp looking.”

In addition to exceptional functionality — Nguyen calls the sturdy tops a far cry from the $6 IKEA that of her college days — color selection was one of the top priorities in the design process. “Everything had to feel inviting, low-maintenance, approachable, and universal in everyone’s kitchen,” Nguyen says of her creative approach to the trio makeover. “It shouldn’t be an exaggeration, but rather an extension of what people already have in their kitchen.” The subtle green easily blends into Material’s current lineup of cool neutrals, blue-grey and near-black options.

the material beverly nguyen 8 inch blade

The 8-Inch Knife, Equipment Kitchen ($75)


Whether you’re preparing a PB&J or tackling Nguyen’s idea of ​​braised ribs in a clay pot with herbs, umami, anchovies and fresh herbs (we had to ask), the equipment set can whole job for you, but it will certainly make it easier – and look good while you do it.

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