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Solar power is one of the fastest growing sources of energy to date. Knowing this, you might assume solar energy is the number one leader in the energy industry or at least is about to be. While it isn’t quite there yet, solar energy has a bright future (no pun intended). Regardless, this form of energy still has its pros and cons like any other source of energy out there.

Pro: Solar Saves Money

One of the top reasons to go with solar, of course, is for the money savings that many get to take advantage of when they make the switch. In fact, the average home saves an estimated $27,000 over 20 years of having solar. It sure pays off!

Con: Solar Panels Still Aren’t Attractive

It’s 2022, and still, solar panels aren’t the most attractive. While a lot of people have already accepted the way solar panels look as they’re used to seeing them around town, others still cringe at how bulky and obvious the panels are.

Of course, the panels have gotten smaller over the years. Not to mention, solar panel installers attempt to hide the panels to the best of their ability. However, certain types of roofs can make it difficult to install solar panels in a way that completely or mostly conceals them. If only the panels could get even smaller and less obnoxious.

Pro: It’s Better for the Environment

Another reason to consider switching to solar is the fact that it’s better for the environment than standard electricity. In fact, it cam help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the severity of climate change. In turn, this is good for humans, animals, and ecosystems.

Con: Recycling Solar Panels is Expensive

In a world where recycling is so important, it’s shocking how expensive it is to recycle solar panels. While it only costs about a buck or two to put a solar panel in a landfill, it costs approximately $20 to $30 to recycle one measly panel, part of the reason being how difficult they are to uninstall. Not to mention, some components of solar panels can be considered toxic waste.

Pro: You Might Be Able to Take Advantage of Incentives

Even though solar energy is growing in popularity, you can often still take advantage of incentives. For instance, you might qualify for a solar tax rebate depending on where you live.

Weighing the pros and cons of solar energy, it’s clear that solar has a way to go in terms of being a preferred and main source of energy. However, it still has quite a few benefits worth considering.


It’s true that solar power has and continues to be rapidly growing in the energy industry. It’s great in that it helps save money, is good for the environment, and may even help you earn incentives for switching. On the downside, solar panels are still an eyesore, and the panels are expensive to recycle. In the end, however, solar energy is still a great option for many folks.


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