IKEA now sells used furniture

We all know the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But have you ever wondered how that treasure ended up as trash in the first place?

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IKEA Norway has the answers. In an ad promoting their Life Collection 2022, the company went to various Norwegian homes and found used furniture that needs new owners. The video then highlights the various reasons – some serious, others more trivial – these things are abandoned.

For example, a SAGSTUA bed frame is given away after the couple who owned it divorced. There is also a set of TOLEDO chairs, bought in 1977, which is being resold after the owner’s death last year. Another owner has put his MARKUS chair back on the market after his girlfriend found it too tacky. And then there is a FJÄLLBO shelf that has been left behind because it was too difficult to assemble.

“Life is a roller coaster,” wrote IKEA, “so there can be many reasons why you have furniture you no longer need.”

To become more sustainable, IKEA has encouraged customers to sell their furniture back to the company, which will then find new owners willing to take the previously loved items home. It’s definitely better than sending your old stuff straight to the landfill.

“We wanted to show how we understand that furniture is not necessarily useful forever,” said IKEA Global Marketing Manager Roberto Giannone. “Our new thrift stores are necessary because life happens and we needed a more sustainable way to process our furniture.”

How effective the ad is, we have to see. Some won’t mind buying a chair that was discarded because its owner’s girlfriend found it tacky, but many may have second thoughts about a chair that was abandoned because its owner died.

What do you think? Do you like this new initiative from IKEA, or would you rather not know why an item is being resold?

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