I Tried a Reclining Sofa That Doesn’t Look Like It Belongs In a Frat House

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Loungers are usually not synonymous with style. In my mind, they are more commonly associated with a group of students gnawing on leathery sections before match day, or my grandmother glued to a decades-old chair while shopping at QVC. Still, I find the soft charm of those laid-back loungers appealing. I needed to find a way to kick my feet up in style, and I came across a furniture startup called roommate that promised to deliver an even more comfortable, cool, kid-approved version of a La-Z-Boy. I was sold.

Speaking of delivery, we start there. It took about seven days between getting the tracking number and the release of the first box (average timelines are between one and two weeks) – pretty impressive considering I’ve waited longer for Amazon orders. Mine arrived over the course of two days which was fine with me as I wouldn’t have had room in my apartment for all the packages anyway. The couch is completely modular, so each piece, including the cushion covers, is packaged separately. I probably spent more time tearing down boxes than putting the whole thing together.

Assembling the 120-inch piece was easier than I expected. Although I did have to exercise some patience as I covered each part individually. There was a bit of stretching, some shimmying, and a fair amount of sighing to get them all just right. The pillows are like putting on a giant zippered pillowcase, but the arms and bottoms show some wrinkles if not pulled tight enough. That was the part that took some trial and error. Once everything was covered, I lined up the sections (I went with a love seat and armless layout for my three-seater, but there are seemingly endless combinations to play with) and attached them with U-shaped connectors that held it all together. hold, and that was it. The end result looks like an expensive sofa with a cover. While it’s pricey ($5,940 to be exact), it’s exponentially more stylish than my grandma’s version.

On the love seat side, I thought there would be a specific strategy in setting up the recliner, but even that part just snaps into place and plugs into an outlet. Best of all, the moving piece only needs 2 inches away from the wall, so it won’t eat into my living room. After an hour of charging, the remote control was ready to use (the seat is fully automatic and slides back and forth at the touch of a button). There’s even a handy pocket on the headrest to hide the remote when not in use. Plus, I was delighted to find that there’s another switch hidden under the pillow next to a USB and USB-C input, meaning charging my phone or laptop is always within reach.

Out of the seven fabric choices, I made the bold decision to go for the Coconut linen. All options have been treated with a C6 carbon coating for stain resistance, and without even trying I was able to put the science to the test. On day three of admiring my pristine cloud from a couch, I clumsily spilled black coffee all over the seat. The next day, after a rainy walk, my dog ​​decided it was a good time to take a nap. Fortunately, my morning brew was immediately wiped off with a paper towel and the muddy paw prints disappeared after a quick splash of water and a few quick brushes of a kitchen towel.

Tried an adjustable sofa that doesn't look like it belongs in a frat house

As for how my soft life is going, this sofa plays an integral part in that journey. I’ve probably spent way too many hours sinking into the layers of the eco-friendly down alternative and enjoying the endless recline positions these rimless armrests allow. From getting myself ready for Zoom calls to sitting back seamlessly in TV viewing mode, being a roommate has become quite a comfortable lifestyle.

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