I Tried 18 Pumpkin Spice-Scented Home Products—These Are the 8 That Aren’t Sickeningly Sweet

I consider myself a coffee purist – 99 percent of the time I drink a simple drip or a no-fuss Americano. No sugar, no cream. But every year around this time I succumb to the frenzy. You know that one: the takeover of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. Call me basic, but I grew up in Florida with no real seasons, so I guess I’ll get a free pass, right? Once I get that first sweet sip, Fall Mode is fully activated.

Since I can’t drink lattes all day, I find my solutions elsewhere: candles, and now, Grove Co.‘s new line of seasonally scented cleaning products. That recent discovery took me deep into all the household products I could muster to indulge my inner foundation.

My main criterion was the right balance between sweet and spicy. Like a warm slice of Thanksgiving pie, but hold the whipped cream — the purpose was cozy, but not sticky. Everything had to look good too. (My affinity for fall may be plebeian, but I draw the line at pumpkin-shaped soap dispensers or “It’s Fall, Y’all” decor.) I tried 18 different kinds of laundry detergents, lotions, room sprays and, of course, candles to get the best in gourd goodness. to find. Here are all the home products that fed my fall hunger.

For the whole house

The winners: a fast acting room spray (great for masking bathroom odors), a slow and steady distributorand will fit anywhere scent cards like the Aromatic aroma card I hung in my closet. It’s still 90 degrees where I live, but mentally I’m in a sweater weather town as I dress every morning with notes of cloves and cinnamon swirling around me.

For refreshment

In the seemingly endless cycle of snacking and cuddling with dogs that punctuate my WFH days, there is a lot of hand washing. Since PSL would be a scent that would linger on my hands, it couldn’t be nauseatingly sweet. The Williams Sonoma hand soap and lotion duo pumps out the perfect scent of toasted pecans and warm spices to even out the sweet pumpkin-ness. In the shower, this all natural honey based soap makes my skin feel super soft and goes perfectly with my matching shade Quiet Town curtain.

For cleaning

True Virgo that I am, I find a quick bedtime cleaning routine very satisfying. My spritzing and sweeping sesh is even more therapeutic with the latest from Grove Co. The dish soap and all-purpose cleaner make my nighttime chore a treat with a buttery aroma.

to burn

There was no shortage of options in this category, but my favorites were the ones that smelled the most like oven-heated treats. In terms of aesthetics, the frontrunners came from a sculptural collection from CTOAN. Without even lighting them, the smell of freshly baked pumpkin bread made me salivate. Additionally, each creation is designed from a size-inclusive, gender-neutral perspective and hand-cast by founder Jodyann Morgan, a queer black woman living in Wisconsin. That’s anything but basic if you ask me.

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