Grounds & Hounds Pumpkin Spice Coffee Review 2022

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Even though the temperatures where I live in the Northeast still hover around the 80s, I’m perfectly content to use September as an excuse to kick off pumpkin spice season. If you’re like me (aka the type of person who wants to make the most of the short window we have to enjoy all things pumpkin and apple), that means more trips to Trader Joe’s for their beloved fall staples— and of course as much pumpkin spice coffee as I can get.

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Although I’m a certified pumpkin spice latte lover, I rarely actually enjoy the famous picks from Starbucks because both lattes and cold brews have dairy in them. So it’s a must that my homebrew option is delicious and aromatic enough to satisfy my pumpkin cravings. This year, Grounds & Hounds Pumpkin Spice has become my go-to blend for its incredibly inviting aroma of spice and smooth flavor.

Grounds & Hounds has been an editor-favorite coffee brand ever since our director of merchandising, Mark, came across the Sunny Spot Cold Brew Blend that helped him make cafe-worthy cold brew at home. Ever since, we’ve covered the coffee brand’s many limited-edition launches for occasions like the Puppy Bowl and St. Patrick’s Day. What makes Grounds & Hounds so special – in addition to their delicious coffee and fun blends – is the fact that a portion of their proceeds go to animal rescue efforts across the country.

As for Pumpkin Spice, Grounds & Hounds created it to have notes of whipped cream, vanilla, pumpkin pie and graham cracker for the coziest sip possible. It’s a medium-dark roast, making for a robust, full-bodied cup of coffee that’s still smooth to drink. You can make it in your French press, drip coffee maker or percolator for the best brew, and like the rest of their coffee, you can choose between whole bean or ground.

I was greeted with a strong aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin when I first opened the bag and was pleased to find that it has not been lost after brewing. That might not sound like much, but anyone else who also loves this seasonal flavor knows that pumpkin coffee doesn’t always deliver on taste. However, this blend of Grounds & Hounds retains a spice-forward aroma and flavor after brewing. I like it with Brown Sugar Oat Creamer from Trader Joe’s for an even more indulgent sip.

Although I’ve tried many bags of pumpkin coffee over the years, I feel confident in saying that Grounds & Hounds Pumpkin Spice delivers an aroma and flavor most reminiscent of the real thing. I can’t get enough of the cozy spices and smooth flavors. Because it’s a limited edition blend, you might want two or three bags at a time – I know I’m planning on getting another!

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