Dulux has announced its 2023 color of the year

With so much uncertainty in the world, people are looking to add more comfort and positivity to their homes. They might just find these values ​​in Dulux’s Color of the Year 2023.

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The British paint brand recently announced Wild wonder, a pale yellow described as “a soft gold with hints of green inspired by fresh seed pods and harvest grains,” as their second most popular color. With its clear connection to nature, the shade introduces warmth and light where the two elements are needed. Some of these spaces include living rooms and home offices as well as schools and hospitals.

“As people search for support, connection, inspiration and balance in the world today, they delve into the wonders of nature to find it,” said Dulux.

And as we continue to navigate the pandemic and even a possible recession, color can do wonders for our mental and physical well-being. The company added: “Wild Wonder is a positive, natural tone that, by connecting us with the natural world, can help us feel better in our homes.”

To help you get started, Dulux has released four palettes that showcase the different moods that Wild Wonder can create. For example, Lush is a forest note that evokes rootedness and support. Another palette is Buzz, which is inspired by a field of wild flowers. Raw is warm and enriching like natural materials. And finally, Flow is about bringing balance to the home.

You can learn more about Dulux’s Color of the Year 2023 here.

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