Dulux Color of the Year 2023 – experts respond to Wild Wonder

After a year of reconnecting with the social spirit of ‘home’, it makes sense that Dulux’s new Color of the Year 2023 Wild Wonder speaks about nature, rebirth and regeneration.

Wild Wonder is a soft yellow with a green undertone that looks yellower or greener depending on the light it is in. It is a shade inspired by the warm tones of harvested crops with an uplifting glow that is sure to bring a sense of energy and optimism to any room.

The paint color that will become an interior trend of the coming year would reflect our eagerness to prioritize our mental well-being and immerse ourselves in calming and enriching spaces. Nowhere does this better than our natural environment, which forecasters believe is the place to find inspiration for our interiors in 2023.

Lilith is an expert in following news and trends in the world of interior design. She regularly shares color stories with readers to help them stay on top of ever-changing trends that promise to add personality to the home. For this article, she spoke to Dulux’s color expert and leading designers to get advice on using Dulux’s Color of the Year 2023 in our designs.

While decorating with neutrals is a timeless design idea that helps create a calming and cozy home, Wild Wonder’s nuanced color composition means that extra care must be taken when incorporating into our designs, especially in dark, north-facing rooms. .

To help you get a better idea of ​​Wild Wonder and how to embrace it in your home, livingetc‘s editors and experts share their thoughts on the unique shade, as well as tips on how to create a color palette with this modest shade.

A yellow beige bedroom with a taupe accent wall and wooden floorboards

(Image credit: Dulux)

Pip Rich, editor

livingetc‘s Editor Pip Rich is a seasoned pro when it comes to color trends, having seen many successful (and unsuccessful) color predictions come and go in his time.

Pip thinks Wild Wonder has the potential to become a popular shade for years to come, but he’s quick to note that it would probably work best next to warmer tones in a room with lots of natural light.

“I think this color goes well with what we’re seeing in the design right now – green with a yellow base in it that goes well with oranges, terracotta and peppers,” he says. ‘This color palette is very smart and cosy, but also warming.’

For a statement paint idea, Pip recommends experimenting with tonality in a monochromatic color scheme. “I would use this shade on a ceiling if I might have used a darker green lower in the room with bolder accents on the woodwork,” he explains.

A yellow/green beige study with a wooden sofa, patterned carpet and orange and purple accent stripes on the wall

(Image credit: Dulux)

Ellen Finch, deputy editor

Ellen, livingetc‘s deputy editor, believes the power of a bright and optimistic paint color like Wild Wonder should not be underestimated. After the uncertainty of recent years, she thinks the grounding, soft tone of Dulux’s Color of the Year is exactly what we need in our homes.

“We’ve been seeing neutrals take the cake for a few years now, but Wild Wonder feels a little different: it’s bright, dynamic and full of energy, yet adaptable enough to be used in so many palettes and schemes,” she says. .

Ellen suggests Wild Wonder as an option for fans of yellow who want to avoid the potentially bright look of brighter shades. “Taking its inspiration from nature, it feels like a wonderfully soft alternative to yellow, be it sunshine or mustard,” she explains. “I’m currently obsessed with yellow kitchens and this feels like a great alternative to a warm, uplifting but more understated space.”

While she sees it as a great addition to a neutral color scheme for a calming social space like a living room, she agrees that brighter color combinations can be the way forward. ‘Pistachio feels like the perfect combination – or maybe lilac, the constant love of color of the interior world, which would make for a more playful look,’ she adds.

A yellow beige kitchen with built-in shelves

(Image credit: Dulux)

Aditi Sharma Maheshwari, content editor

livingetcThe Content Editor, Aditi, is no stranger to colorful interiors and she knows a well-executed paint idea when she sees one. However, her appeal to Wild Wonder largely has to do with the emotions it evokes.

“Wild Wonder reminds me of the outdoors, the soothing fields and evokes a sense of freedom,” she says. “While the fall and cold winter months will soon take over, interior colors will help us feel warm and cocooned with the outdoors. This shade does just that.”

Aditi also praises the color for its refined feel. “The color has an inherent sense of well-being and a calming, understated yet elegant look,” she explains. ‘It can work as a wonderful shade for color layers. Combine it with other warm shades of orange and yellow, or for a bold statement, red. If you want a refreshing, natural look, combine this tone with moss green or sage green.’

A yellow beige living room with white sofa, brass accents and house plants

(Image credit: Dulux)

Eva Sonaike, interior designers

although not a livingetc editor, designer Eva Sonaike (opens in new tab) is definitely part of the Livingetc family. While she’s not a personal fan of neutrals and is better known for embracing bolder color palettes, she’s open to incorporating Dulux’s new Color of the Year for 2023 into her designs.

“I feel like this color would make a really nice neutral background in our homes, offering flexibility to experiment with more color around it,” she explains. “Because of its green undertones, I would definitely pair it with warmer colors like soft oranges and yellows, and not pair it with cooler tones.”

Eva says she wouldn’t be afraid to color a room with Wild Wonder by paint ceilings and walls the same color. “I think it would look great if used floor-to-ceiling in a living room, paired with a really dark green velvet sofa,” she explains. “I also think it can look very elegant as a color on kitchen cabinets because it’s so fresh and clean without being clinical.”

In terms of how Wild Wonder speaks to the year ahead, the creative director believes the shadow is optimistic. ‘We live in very uncertain times’, says Eva. “Going back to basics in such a challenging time is very important and this color defines rebirth and regeneration. Hopefully it’s a sign that a new beginning is ahead.’

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