Certified astrologer reveals why rearranging your bedroom tomorrow can lead to better sleep

It’s no secret that a bedroom that feels streamlined and that is relatively clutter-free is a joy to be in and will generally make for more peaceful sleep surroundings. If you’re into feng shui and sparking joy in your home then you will know that decluttering or designing your space for wellness can start at any time. However, more of us are tapping into new moon risings and what they can mean for our general energies, and according to astrologers, this can impact how well we sleep. 

Having the best mattress for you is one thing but when it comes to creating a calm and comfortable space on all fronts, there is apparently a specific time to do it. Word according to astrologers is, working with the new moon rising can be key to great sleep and more energy.

Knowing how to sleep well is a bit of an art form and doesn’t always come naturally but, Charlotte Kirsten, Professional Astrologer and founder of Typicallytopical.com (opens in new tab) says ‘You can think of the new moon as a spiritual time out. It invites us to shake things up, declutter our spaces and allow for old, stagnant energy to shift. It’s a time of true introspection.’

Why should you rearrange bedroom furniture in a lunar phase?

It seems that fresh starts aren’t just reserved for January and the new moon in Virgo this year falls on August 27th, marking the perfect time to refresh your surroundings, especially in the bedroom. 

‘This new moon on August 27th is an optimal time to not only set up a sacred space in your bedroom, but to cleanse it too. You can start doing the prep-work on the night before, but to maximize and harness the moon’s powerful energy, the deep shifting and rearranging should be performed on the day of the new moon’ says Kirsten.

Getting the timing on point may help you get the most out of bedroom feng shui and enhance your general energy also, ‘Rearranging furniture in the bedroom during this lunar phase can lead to better sleep, increased energy and even more profound visions and awakenings. You can expect more insight in all areas of your everyday life during this cosmic reset.’ 

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Charlotte Kirsten is a full-time Professional Astrologer and the founder of Typicallytopical.com, an award-winning astrology and esoteric blog that provides in-depth guides that attract thousands of readers every month. She has also consulted for Cosmopolitan, Today.com, Bustle, Oprah Winfrey Network, Best Life, Psychology Today, Soul & Spirit and the BBC.

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How to declutter your bedroom in Virgo moon rising

Cleansing your sleeping space may simply start with decluttering a bedroom, but be mindful when doing so for optimal results. 

‘When decluttering, think about the reality you’re trying to create moving forward; does this item serve a purpose in your future? If not, it’s likely holding trapped energy from past experiences and memories.’ 

For everything you do want to keep, be sure to invest in good bedroom organizers and savvy storage options to ensure everything has a home and to give yourself a better chance at creating the perfect sleeping space for the new season.

Whether you follow Astrology or not, a declutter can only be a good thing for a tidy mind. And why not make it the turn of season too and get the fall bedding out while you’re at it?

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