Brightland’s newest olive oil is a classic blend that’s perfect for fall

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I’m screaming, you’re screaming, we’re all screaming for… Brightland. Well, yes, it doesn’t rhyme, but it’s true! Anyone, whether olive oil connoisseur or spice layman, who has tasted the famous brand’s fine blends will tell you: There really is nothing like it. It is not at all surprising that these olive champions have risen to fame as a pantry staple. With a variety of oils to choose from for every use or mood (feeling spicy? Try ARDOR. How about luxurious? Then we recommend CASTELVETRANO), everyone will be smitten! But Brightland doesn’t stop there. They have a ton of unique vinegars (including this editor-favorite edition that keeps selling out), a duo of wild, natural honeys, and gift sets for every single person in your life.

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Basically we stand Brightland. And – if you’re anything like us – you do too. So please take a seat as we have a seriously exciting announcement to make. The tastemakers at the fan-favorite brand have heard our requests, and once again they’ve delivered. From 20 September at 12 EST you can head over to their site and order a bottle of AURORA, Brightland’s newest Rosemary Olive Oil. The bottle of the classic combo is bound to grace your table with a nuanced, herbal flair that’s versatile enough to top any dish.

AURORA, the glorious new bottle of EVOO, is pressed from early-harvested Arosana olives, known for their sweet, fruity flavor with a nutty base. Olives are grown on small family farms in California’s central coast, and these little fruits are the best of the best. The oil is then infused with woody, aromatic rosemary, resulting in a combination that is velvety, peppery and slightly botanical in taste.

And as if the unmatched flavor profile wasn’t enough, there’s one little thing additional-especially on this debut. Its stunning, colorful label was created by a NYC-based artist Shawna X, which was inspired by the essential’s “gentle kick and pop of flavor.” She used the flavor notes to develop a blurry, dynamic graphic worthy of a frame. In other words, don’t worry too much about where you want to hide another bottle in the pantry, this one is just fine kept out and displayed.

There’s no doubt that this newest addition to Brightland’s olive oil arsenal is a perfect match for the cozy flavors of fall. Drizzle it on the lively butternut squash soup, use it to dress up an endive and hazelnut salad, or – if you’re looking for a total flavor explosion – whip up an unexpected glaze for olive oil cake.

No matter how you plan to use the delicious stuff, you can be sure it will get the job done. Like all Brightland bottles, AURORA is free of fillers, preservatives and artificial flavors. In addition, the special EVOO will last longer than most, thanks to the bottle’s UV-resistant coating, which protects the inner contents from spoiling. You will be able to enjoy the golden items for months to come. (If you don’t finish the bottle first, that is!)

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