Best Vacuum Cleaners: Dyson V12 Absolute Review 2022

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I just moved to New York City and in doing so I left my little Los Angeles beach bungalow. With its very 80s kitchen, wooden floors and somewhat malfunctioning waste management, I had become quite comfortable there – but I was excited for a change. And since my move, I’ve made a few discoveries about myself. For example, I now have an obsession with the best drill-free shelving and storage solutions (since my landlord made it clear that my walls are not to be touched). Or how I can’t believe I ever lived without an organizer for my pots and pans. But the biggest lesson learned? I feel bad about white floors.

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I would even go so far as to say, as a self-identified pure freak, the white floors in my apartment are the bane of my existence. Why? Well, because every hair that falls from my head, every lingering grain of rice, every single spec of something, are extremely visible, almost as if they’re taunting me. Fortunately, in my fight against the inevitable crumbs and dirt that have arisen, I have an ally – and a strong one at that. I’m talking about my Dyson V12 Detect Slim.

The essential device rarely leaves my side. I take it with me as I walk across the apartment vacuuming up stubborn cilantro leaves and soil from my potted plants—which is easy to do considering how light the V12 is (only five pounds) and how comfortable it is to hold . In fact, I feel like I’m straight out of a “Transformers” movie when I swing the thing because my hand fits so seamlessly into the grip. It’s basically an extension of my arm.

Now, there’s no doubt that Dyson is a fan-favorite vacuum brand, but allow me to explain: the V12 is far superior to any other Dyson, IMO. Not only is it 24 percent lighter than previous models, it is also imbued with a special laser technology. The green light shoots out in front of the Laser Slim Fluffy vacuum head, illuminating microscopic dust and other unseen bits (providing a road map of where to vacuum next), demonstrating exactly how clean your home is at any given time. I like to turn off all the lights so I can max out the laser’s potential and go to town! (Which I can do for quite a long time, as the machine has up to an hour of battery life.)

Because the Fluffy head attachment rotates a full 180 degrees, I can reach all the dust I didn’t know was there (ie pre-laser lighting) and do it with ease. In addition, the vacuum also comes with a hair screw tool (which picks up pet hair), a Motorbar Cleaner head (no carpet fibers, hair, or other debris will ever clog your vacuum again), a crevice tool (the sofa is clean, too, thank you), and a combination tool ( which tackles the small areas the other attachments can’t quite get to). In other words, whether I made a huge mess in the kitchen, the neighbor’s dog snuck back in, or I’m wondering if my white floors are really as clean as they feel, I’m completely covered.

Although small enough to easily store in my tiny coat closet, this thing packs a punch. The V12s have special size detection technology which measures the dimensions of the debris it picks up and then increases or decreases suction power accordingly. And its LCD screen proves how effective it was at recording the size and amount of particles being sucked up. The vacuum cleaner is complete with a Hyperdymium motor, Root Cyclone technology, whole machine filtration (captures 99.99 percent of microscopic particles) and an energy-dense battery. See what I mean? It totally gives “Transformer”.

Long story short, whether you have white floors or not, investing in the Dyson V12 is more than worth it. Your home will never have felt cleaner and – if you’re anything like me – you’ll find that the V12 will never leave your side.

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