Best linen sheet sets worth the investment

Admired for its temperature-regulating properties, the finest linen sheets provide year-round comfort and add extra style points to your bed, thanks to the effortless, relaxed look it creates.

Linen bedding offers many desirable properties: it is breathable, absorbent and hypoallergenic. It is also a sustainable choice, as it is a biodegradable material that can grow quickly and requires less water to process than cotton.

Linen comes from the stem of the flax plant. Most of the world’s flax cultivation comes from Western Europe such as France or Belgium because of its general moderate growing conditions, which can limit where it can be grown.

As a result, we won’t be the first to admit that linen is on the pricey side. Linen production is also more labor intensive than other textiles, even with the addition of modern technology.

But we definitely think it’s worth the investment. When cared for properly, linen gets better with use and softer with every wash. Linen is even considered more durable than cotton; it is certainly much more breathable.

If you’re in the market for your new favorite set of sheets, we’ve slept on nearly a dozen sets from some of the best places to buy bedding to narrow it down to these top six contenders. Sweet Dreams.

Best Linen Sheets 2022

Are linen sheets worth the money?

In short, yes. If you can afford the initial outlay for linen, you get bedding that is durable, softer with every wash, and generally made to higher durability standards than other materials. This is without mentioning the temperature-regulating properties of linen that make it great for summer evenings (yet cozy enough in the fall).

What is GSM

You may have noticed in our specifications that we list the GSM. Just as you might think about thread count, GSM or ‘Grams per square meter’ is a measure of the weight of textiles, with thicker textiles having a higher GSM. When it comes to linen, we have found that a GSM between 140 and 190 offers sufficient softness and weight; although a lower GSM may feel more breathable than a heavier one.

What to look for when choosing linen sheets

  • Linen origin: You are looking for high quality linen and most of the linen in the world comes from places in Europe such as France and Belgium. We like to see transparency about the origin of flax.
  • Breathability: Linen is naturally breathable and temperature regulating by design.
  • Sustainability: Linen is an extremely durable fiber, but GSM can also indicate better durability.
  • To feel: Linen gets softer with each wash, but stonewashed designs are pre-washed for extra softness.
  • Color and size options: Because linen is considered a special item, check if your bed size is available, and pay attention to extra depth if you have a thick mattress. Some brands offer a clean color job, while others offer a whole rainbow.

How do you care for linen sheets?

Linen sheets usually follow the washing instructions of the sheets you are used to using. In general, you’ll want to wash on a delicate setting in lukewarm water and avoid bleach, harsh detergents, or particularly heavy items like denim or towels.

Of course, a few tips and tricks will extend the life of your sheets for the better.

Magic Linen provides a wonderful guide to linen care (opens in new tab) with expert tips for caring for it. In the case of a stain, make sure to remove it as soon as it develops; dirt, oil or grease can immediately be absorbed into the linen fibers and be difficult to remove.
They also recommend taking them out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp and hanging them dry or laying them flat if possible. This can help reduce wrinkles and prevent them from becoming too stiff. Linen should also be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Use the included linen bag or store it in a pillowcase, instead of plastic.

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