Before and after: HGTV’s “Love It or List It” turns designer Hilary Farr from star to client

After years of redesigning other people’s houses, HGTV star Hilary Farr decided to put her skills to the ultimate test. In the latest episode of “Love it or list it“, the designer chose to renovate her own recently purchased home. Along the way, she had to impress co-host David Visentin, who was skeptical of the cramped house and encouraged her to build it up and buy another property nearby.

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“I want to consider a different lifestyle,” Farr said, “and I like the idea of ​​living in a smaller but great space.”

Although Farr initially sought to simply renovate and retain some of the house’s classic cabin charm, structural issues and a termite infestation led her to eventually tear down the entire property and build from the ground up (and add a second floor). She kept a footprint similar to the original house in an effort to use the same permit and avoid further delaying the project, which helped her retain some of the property’s original aesthetic appeal.

Even before she started the renovation, Farr knew she wanted an all brick home. The original exterior was a one-story structure with green-gray siding and a simple front porch. The yard was expansive and lush with a few massive bushes screening the front of the property. After laying the foundation and building the structure of the house, Farr chose a lighter brick that would complement her black roof and windows.

“I chose this specific spray foam insulation along with natural brick for the exterior, both of which will help reduce energy use,” explained Farr.

Inside the house, Farr went for a modern white look with a few strategic colors. In the kitchen, she chose modern luxury and lightness. The countertops were all white (with a black, storage-filled bottom). Farr had his team add a kitchen island and four chairs for casual dining (outside the dining room). She included a refrigerator, double ovens, a stove, sink, dishwasher, freezer and small wine fridge to help make the most of the large space. “This kitchen is a big selling feature for people who love to cook,” Visentin noted upon seeing the final unveiling. Farr also chose light wood herringbone flooring that extended from the kitchen into the living room.

The living room, which was built out from the back of the house, had lots of natural light. Farr added large glass doors that lead out to the deck and yard. Like the kitchen, the walls were bright white, but the fireplace (the focal point of the room) added a simple gray to the room. Farr brought in a blue couch, blue accent chairs, a white coffee table, and a bare-bones rug. The room’s simple, minimal decor was designed so that Farr’s grandchildren could run around with ease during large gatherings.

Although she was unhappy with some of the developments, Farr ultimately decided to “love” the property and stay in it — for now.

“Love It or List It” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV and Discovery+.

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