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The fashionable definition of an automated home refers to housing that makes the most of the latest advances in electronics and technology. Much that takes the precious time of the owner of an apartment or cottage, the house does itself, automatically. Accordingly, the design of a smart home is somewhat different from the usual one. On the one hand, this is necessary to emphasize the unusualness of housing, on the other hand, this is due to technical problems. It is possible to realize full functionality only with the appropriate design of the premises.

Automated Design in Your Home is Easy


The modern interior design of houses is one of the main requirements. This applies to both decoration and the use of lighting and electronics. Curtain control systems, smart sockets, energy-saving light bulbs, standing desk and fixtures, LED strips and track lights organically fit into the design of a certain type and look quite alien, for example, in the classic or folk style.


A typical smart apartment interior is a concept that makes no sense. Each smart home is designed in its own way, but there are a number of common features that are typical for such housing. They are strongly associated with functionality and form the basis of compositional solutions.

What is a smart home and why should its design be unique?

The concept of a smart home included in the project implies maximum automation of all processes aimed at creating a comfortable living environment. The system of sensors and processors controls:


  • lighting;

  • heating;

  • conditioning;

  • opening and closing doors;

  • threats of leaks, fires, and electrical breakdowns;

  • humidity level.

The home independently informs the owner about the state of the house and individual premises via the Internet or telephone, it is also trendy to install voice panels that inform the owner about all the systems and allow you to control many functions with the help of words.


The design and decoration of the interior should also be modern, consistent with the innovative character of the house. There are two types of smart homes. First, all actions are performed with the participation of a person. You must give a command that runs automatically. For example, if you gave the command to fill the bath with warm water, or turn off the light in the office – the processor receives a voice or radio message and independently generates control impulses, reporting on the completion.


The second option – the systems work independently – the light turns on when it gets dark, the air conditioner turns on when the set temperature is reached, the apartment is set on an alarm when the last person has left it, etc.


The system includes a network of sensors, a central processor, and actuators. They form a complex circuit that works synchronously and is interconnected. Naturally, some of the actuators, for example, curtain and blind drives, can only work with a certain type of structure. This imposes some restrictions on the choice of models.


The design of a smart home must comply with the technical features of automatic and semi-automatic devices. However, the scope for creativity is very large. More and more manufacturers of “smart” technology rely not only on the capabilities of their systems but also expand the list of design solutions. Innovative designs appear, stylized as retro, vintage, classic, and other design options. The interiors of smart apartments are becoming more and more “human”.

Smart Home Design Tips

Everything for a smart home can be bought online or in stores in the form of ready-made kits, or one by one. It is necessary to attract professionals to the choice of processor, sensors, and actuators. On your own, you will get lost in the abundance of gadgets. But there is one important recommendation – do not be tempted by the low price and do not buy flagship devices of the past or the year before last. Naturally, in terms of technical characteristics, they are still on top, but this is already yesterday. The possibilities of smart home electronics are changing rapidly, try to be on the crest of the wave.


The development of an interior design project is a lot of professional teams, which include specialists who know the features of artistic solutions, and electronic engineers who are well versed in modern home appliances. The modern design of a smart apartment is one of the most difficult areas of work for a designer.


Comfort and beauty in smart home interior design are very personal categories. But at the same time, they determine the practicality of the room. You can arrange everything in the simplest style, using all the necessary sensors, devices, and home automation elements, but here it is important that you feel comfortable and aesthetically pleasing in the resulting interior. “Feel at home” is the best result when creating a new automation design for your abode.

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