Amazon Tulip Glasses Review: These replaced half the glasses on my bar cart

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Look, it was cool to sit around a sparse kitchen drinking five dollar wine out of mismatched coffee mugs when we first moved out of our parents’ house, but there comes a time in everyone’s life when they realize it’s time to become an adult. and get some serious adult glasses. When that fateful day came for me, I went a little overboard and amassed a huge glass collection that took up the largest closet I had. Now that I’m moving in with my boyfriend, I knew I had to cut back on my inventory. Our new place doesn’t exactly have room for eight 1-liter beer steins and a glass for each cocktail in “Mr. Bostons,” so I got down to business and started consolidating my glassware.

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I was able to get rid of a lot of glass that was cut, ones I never really used, and a few that I didn’t even know I had, but there was one set of pieces I would never give up: my tulip glass. Tulips, if you haven’t been indoctrinated yet, are all-purpose workhorses – kind of like the Instant Pot of glassware. They’re great for beer, wine, spirits, mixed drinks and pretty much anything else you want to put in, as the tapered shape concentrates the aroma, helps retain foam on top of beer and creamy cocktails, and increases the strength of the glass. itself.

But the best thing about tulip glass is that I was able to replace a lot of the glass that I got rid of during my move. While I’m a sucker for a nice rocks glass, nice pours of spirits are just as good in a tulip, as are lots of different mixed drinks and cocktails (think: piña coladas and all the classic tiki drinks). I was also able to scrap a few white wine glasses, a bunch of coupes I never (read: never) used, and a smattering of lowballs that were a little too big for cocktails and a little too small for beer. This is great for my small apartment as I store most of my glassware on the top rack of my bar cart so real estate is limited. If you’re looking for a pair of all-around killer glasses but don’t want to dedicate a whole lot of your storage space to glassware—or you’re still trying to get out of the recycling solo cups phase—investing in a sturdy set of tulips is a easy and cheap solution. These Libbey glasses from Amazon are super affordable and on sale right now, and they haven’t steered me wrong yet. In addition, they are built to last and are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Or, if you’re looking for a more upscale set, these 16-ounce brandy snifters from Williams Sonoma are pretty much the same as tulips and have a beautiful cut texture to them. They can hold a full pint of beer, a (very) generous nice pour and more than half a bottle of wine if you’re feeling ambitious.

But whatever set you fancy, rest assured that tulip glasses will help you save space and enjoy a variety of drinks to their full potential – and you’ll look good doing it.

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