Amazon Magnetic Poster Frame Hanger Review

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When I was little, my parents encouraged my sisters and I to hang whatever we wanted on our walls: posters, Tiger Beat magazine pages, postcards collected during road trips – you name it, it was stuck to my wall with sticky tack. As I’ve gotten older and grown into a less page-torn-out-of-a-magazine-centric style of decorating, it’s gotten harder to hang things.

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I’m still collecting eclectic pieces that I want on the walls of my apartment, but I’ve discovered the secret ingredient that makes my home look less like a preteen with a roll of scotch tape and more like a grown-up who its own groceries. : framework. The problem is that it’s so difficult to buy a picture frame in the perfect size, place the print behind the glass and actually put it all on the wall. It might only take 10 minutes in reality, but it’s enough to keep me from taking care of it for months on end.

That’s why I was thrilled to discover an inexpensive kind of frame that lets me display art in seconds. This magnetic poster frame from Amazon is just two strips of teak wood with magnets – one to lock the top of the print and one to weight the bottom – with a cord attached to the top so you can easily hang it on a hook or nail. Simple, elegant! The magnets are strong, so you don’t have to worry about your art slipping loose, and the lack of side panels means the only measurement you need to take is the width of the print you’re trying to frame.

Widths range from 8 inches (for $5.99) to 40 inches (for $39.99) and come in a variety of colors, from teak, to walnut, black, gold or turquoise. I go for the teak wood for a natural look that fits into any room if I decide to move things around and I love how it lets the art shine. Best of all, it takes a minute to squeeze the print into the frame and attach it to the wall, and I don’t have to get out my level to make sure it’s not crooked. I still save typical photo frames for some things, but these magnetic options are such a wonderful alternative – they let me continue to curate the grown-up apartment of my teenage dreams without collecting a stack of art to “someday” hang on my walls.

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