Amazon Lakeside Collection Wall Rack Review 2022

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Of all the many kitchen items that are difficult to store (ahem, cookware lids!), you could argue that your mug collection is the worst offender. Unless you have seriously ample cupboard space, it can be frustrating how much space they take up on a shelf – especially if you have a rather expansive range. After all, mugs are one of those commonly gifted items that you feel bad getting rid of, even if you could survive with the very one you use every day. Needless to say, many people tend to collect a pretty significant amount of mugs and have nowhere else to store them outside of the closets. Sure, there are crust trees, but they can only fit a handful and end up taking up valuable table space.

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This wall mounted mug rack is the perfect solution for someone who wants to move their mug out of the cabinet without adding any extra clutter. The set comes with four bars with four S-hooks each to hang your mugs securely on the wall, under a cabinet or above a home coffee station. It will take some elbow grease, but it will be worth the extra storage space and the cozy look!

The Lakeside Collection wall mug stand consists of four steel rods and two hanging baskets, perfect for hanging above your coffee machine. While there are mug racks that store cups in a similar way, a distinct advantage of this model is that you can customize how you want to hang the pieces. You can choose to spread them out if you don’t have enough space for all four on one wall, and you can also use some of the rods to hang other things such as utensils or kitchen utensils. The included baskets are also great additions for storing K-Cups, Nespresso pods, tea bags and other coffee and tea must-haves.

With over 1,700 five-star reviews, these wall-mounted racks have been a hit in so many customers’ kitchens. A common thread in the reviews is that many people love the versatility of this item. Several people choose to use two racks for mugs, another for utensils and the last rack with the two baskets to store various things such as raw materials or paper towels. “I used two of the rods to hang my pans and slid the lids into the top between the wall and the bar, and two I hung on the bottom of my coffee bar shelf! Everyone who sees them comments on how beautiful they look!” writes a reviewer.

“This has been the best addition to our apartment! I have five mugs on each bar and it’s plenty of room and holds up well! I actually didn’t need all four bars in that room so I used the fourth one in my bathroom , since my apartment didn’t have a towel rack, so that was more storage there too!” another person writes.

You can also hang the bars under your cabinets for even more space-saving storage. Instead of taking up an entire wall, simply hang a rod or two under your cabinets and store your mugs from the S-hooks.

For a great price of $15, you can add tons of storage to your space for mugs, cookware, utensils, and more!

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